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    IRCraft - Connect Your Server with IRC

    Latest Update -26/09/11 GMT+8
    Version - 2.1 Beta 2

    Description - IRCraft connects your Bukkit server to an IRC server so that all MineCraft messages can be seen in IRC and vice versa.

    To install IRCraft, just download the IRCraft.jar (See Downloads Below) and place it into your CraftBukkit plugins folder.

    Using IRCraft is very easy, after installing, run Bukkit once and IRCraft will generate a config.yml which can be found in
    from your main CraftBukkit directory.
    Assuming you know how to use YAML, replace

    Version 2.0
    For server admins, make sure you have included

    into your permissions file.


    Direct (DropBox)
    Direct (From Bukkit)

    If you liked this, or any other of my plugins, please donate to aid me in continuing my development.

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    Hello naresh can you add a Function which let list all Irc Channel that Exis. Something like. ./irclist
    Or just change that you can use the Functions like. ./ircleave, /ircjoin that would be nice.
    Its just shorter ;-)
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    You've just used Pircbot :S
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    I didn't say it doesn't.

    Hmm, good idea, I think I'll add it to V1.2, which I hope I can upload by tonight. In the meanwhile, enjoy and share :D
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    Looks good
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    It would be more efficient to just write to the socket with your own code. Pircbot is a messy framework.
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    More efficient, maybe, but way less convenient.
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    I have an unreleased IRC plugin that does just that :S
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    Okay, I'm very happy that you have an unreleased plugin which does this. I made this plugin for the general people using bukkit, not to win some efficiency award.


    Thanks, and it is good too. If you tried it please leave any suggestions here.
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    What those guys said ^
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    Version 1.2 Uploaded, hope you like the changes.
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    Sorry for the delay in submission approvals, I've been away for a while.
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    So, yet add the Function that User can add temporary Channels if you can. Something like if you join a Channel that not exist and it creates a temporary Channel on that Name. And If you leave it will disappear. For Permanent Channels, just add a Permissions for Admins and the Command /irccreate [CHANNELNAME] or something like it.

    And the Commands: /ircdisconn - Disconnect from network

    Is too long to write it every times, just name it to /ircdc and the /ircconn to /irccon it looks weird with two n.
    With friendy Regards
    Sonorpearl ;-)
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    Thank you for your constructive criticism. I will make sure I will shorten /ircdisconn and /ircconn to /ircdc and /ircrc respectively in the next build.

    Regarding Channel Creation, on most servers, /ircjoin <channel> will attempt to join the channel, if no channel is found, one will be setup by the server itself, and the bot becoming OP.
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    Does it use nickserv or anything to authenticate?
    Would'nt like anyone else to register my bot name and use it..
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    HeyHo, some new Ideas. The first Idea is, that a User can listen to more than one Channel at one Time and he have to set on which channel we want to write. (If its possible) The Second, based on the Idea before and not so good, is that a Admin can define Base Channels, which the user have to listen to.


    With friendly Regards
    Sonorpearl ;P
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    Also a good idea. I'll see if I can put it in the next build, 1.3

    Again thank you for your ideas,
    Currently, you can already join more than one channel at a time using /ircjoin. IRCraft will write ALL messages to ALL joined channels. What do you mean by Base Channels, default channels? You can already set the default channel in the config.yml file.
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    For the Idea you need to define a different between Normal Channel and Admin Channel. That only users with specific Permissions can Join/Read the Admin Channels. With that Permissions you can create "Broadcast" Channel, in which only Admins can write and Users have to listen to them. Base Channels = Broadcast Channels. Something like that.
    The Permissions "admin" could be add per the Config, if you wont add PermissionsBukkit support. :)

    But you want to change it or? Somelike /ircset "Channelname". Because if you are Spamming in all Channel its a bit annoying.

    New Idea. Can you add a Moderation to it. I had said about Permissions above. It would be nice if I can set Moderator for Channels, who can, for example, kick/prohibit Persons to join the Channels because they spammed or so.

    That was it again from my side.
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    I'll add NickServ authentication and shorten the /irc commands again in v1.3... i'm still thinking about your, permission based thingamagiky... cos it could over-complicate things, and no one likes over-complication.
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    Yeey for nickserv auth! :)
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    Yea, Permissions can bring some Problems and need more Codes and time to do it. But with Permissions you can add a Moderation Function to it. Also you will have acces to many new Features.

    Also Bukkit is supporting Permissions since 1000 you, I think you now that. So there is no problem with the compatibility and that everyone have the Permissions system.

    It´s more than a Nice2Have thing.

    With friendly Regards
    Sonorpearl ;D
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    Is there any way to have it connect on a non-IRC port? a lot of server farms like to block IRC ports, like mine. I like the integration where it doesn't show the IRC info to the clients that attach.
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    Oh, ports, never thought of that... I'm planning on releasing v1.3 during the weekend.

    So I'll be adding:
    /ircdc and /ircrc command shortening
    NickServ auth
    Config - Port
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    When using colored names ingame, it shows the color prefix in IRC (like &fnasKo&c)
    Can you get rid of that somehow?

    Other than that, I like it.
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    When someone talks ingame the bot doesnt give a space between there name and the sentence on the IRC.

    "<TheSystem>BAN HIM" While i need it to be "<TheSystem> BAN HIM" Is that possible?
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    Of course it's possible, I didn't notice there is no space between them. I will include it in v1.3

    Hmm.. That's a tough one, I'll see what I can do
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    I was wondering if it might be possible to get the ability to have colors from irc show up in game. More specifically, just &1 type stuff, mapping the normal mIRC colors to in game ones would be awesome but not necessary. We've come to love your plugin over CraftIRC as we found that it was the cause of some random crashes (likely a combination of herochat+craftirc+the network we were on).

    We use IRC for an IRC bot we've got that manages in game users and grew to love being able to have the bot speak in colors for some announcements.
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    Hmm... You can color code IRC Messages? I've never seen that before. Can you state an example of how you would send color coded messages over IRC?

    Version 2.0 Includes:
    /ircdc and /ircrc command shortening
    NickServ auth
    Config - Port
    Game->IRC message spacing

    Finalizing Version 2.0 with

    /ircdc and /ircrc command shortening
    NickServ auth
    Config - Port
    Game->IRC message spacing

    Will be uploaded within the hour

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    I dont see any bot in my IRC channel :( Do i need to portforward for this?

    18:19:59 [INFO] [IRCraft]: Connecting to irc.gamesurge.net with nick: LCBot
    18:19:59 [INFO] [IRCraft]: Version 2.0 Enabled Successfully
    18:19:59 [INFO] [IRCraft]: Developed by Nareshkumar Rao
    18:19:59 [INFO] [IRCraft]: For MineCraft Beta 1.7.3
    18:19:59 [INFO] [IRCraft]: And Bukkit 1060
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    Any chance there will be a way to run commands? Just basic stuff all users can do like /who...

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