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    iChat v1.6
    irc:// - Donate ?

    Download 1.6 (602 - 612+)

    Styles the chat in a simple and intuitive manner. Allowing you to take full control over how it looks and feels using tags prefixed with + symbol.

    Permissions & GroupManager Configuration
    Setup your prefix / suffix with colors like so, in your Permissions / GroupManager Configuration:
                prefix: '&c'
    Users can specific prefix/suffixes:
        group: Admin
            prefix: '&4'
    For this to work, the users name must be exact casing. IE: It's case-sensitive. Google it.

    Message Format:
    To change how your message is displayed, open iChat/config.yml located under plugins/ and add this line:
    message-format: '[+prefix+group+suffix&f] +name: +message'
    You can use colors and the +tags are the variables shown in chat. They are not required so you can add / remove them as you see fit. Move them around, configure it however you wish.

    Complete Tag List (open)

    +world World Name
    +group Group Name
    +name Player Name
    +suffix Suffix (Comes after Group Name)
    +prefix Prefix (Comes Before Group Name)
    +message Message
    +healthbar Health Bar ([|||||||])

    iChat Censoring:
    In config.yml there is now a censor-list that holds bad words to be filtered, you can customize the look and feel of the censored word as well by changing the symbol used, as well as coloring it.

    • 1.6
      • Fixed & symbol issues.
      • Added multiple world support.
      • Brought back to life.
    • 1.5.1
      • Fixed censoring, added some new features. Check config.yml
    • 1.5
      • Censor list.
    • 1.4
      • Health Bar, User specific Prefix / Suffix & More.
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    Try adding a duplicate entry for a user. One with the correct casing, and one with the incorrect casing.

    Tell me if that works.

    I can't be bothered to try and fix someone else's plugin.
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    Any way to fix the newline problem? Where if your message is long enough to wrap around the second line doesn't have any color.
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    Thats just a bukkit problem.
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    Any way to censor % ? whenever someone writes that, Ichat stops working.
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    Well Herochat figured out a way to fix it...
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    I don't completely under stand this. I know how it works and stuff but I don't know individually like what color &2 is for example. Is there a list anywhere with these and what they are or do I have to experiment with them?
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    If you enter a color not followed by text it crashes all clients, please fix as it could be abused when no admins are online and make the server unusable for anyone. I've had to disable iChat for the time being (which I really wanted to avoid because I'm using it for nick colors but there is no "enable chat colors" setting...)
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    ichat is not working for me with bukkit build - 348.
  12. Confirmed, ichat crashes all clients when using a colour code with no text afterward. Incredibly dangerous to have on a server. We need an fix fast.
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    Cb 358+ Depricated event plz remove

    [WARNING] Plugin 'iChat' (ver 1.0) is registering events before it is enabled. It may be misbehaving and the author needs to fix this.

    STill loads tho just Naggin u like they ask me to!
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    Can someone help? i'm still confused on how to enter it in the permissions file say i want this to happen in-game
    StreetJesus: test
    (except the 'test' would be in white(default chat color))
    just the name to be colored and not saying like [Admin] .
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    iChat and Permissions is using outdated Java... thats why you get that warning ledhead... even permissions 2.0 when you start your server warns you that the author of permissions and ichat need to fix their code and clean it up... its most probalby why nothing works properly in either plugin. Frankly sick of both plugins.
  16. Well seems like your plugin isn't up to date with the latest bukkit version as says my shell output, by the way none of the commands work, maybe because Permissions isn't up to date too ?

    By the way, using Bukkit#405 (was the same on #359).

    Edit: Managed to make it work again (still on Bukkit #405), dunno why it was bugged earlier, must've been an incompatibility with some old plugins, but anyway this Exception still came so that's a bit strange.
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    Is this crash all logged in player when someone type

    *My English is not good. sorry.
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    Thanks great plugin just what i wanted :)
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    pls fix this:
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    It stops working when you die
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    Kevin Forte

    I have not experienced this, what CB build are you using?
    --- merged: Feb 22, 2011 3:31 AM ---
    Also, do the user-specific prefix/suffixes set the color of the persons name in the chat? I really want that. Can I make the color someone's name appears group specific?
  22. Ok, for some reason it is not working for me. iChat is enabled, no errors in my permissions or even errors upon server start.

      permissions: {system: default}
        default: true
        info: {prefix: 'New', build: false, suffix: ''}
        inheritance: []
        permissions: [essentials.helpop,, essentials.motd, essentials.msg,
          essentials.rules, essentials.spawn]
    Here is a sample of my permissions as you can see I didn't want to try and be adventurous just to test this out.
    Then my config for iChat is simple also:

    message-format: '[+prefix&f] +name: +message'
    With both these codes, no errors and a 300+ build, surely this should working in chat?
    But to no avail it still gives white text for the default group and every other one as well.
    Would appreciate input from the community, thanks again.

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    U can fix "fast" with this. Add a "space" at the end of ur message-format.
    --- merged: Feb 22, 2011 3:39 PM ---
    Thx, its work.
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  24. Slide974: I could kiss you. Works perfectly :) Cheers!
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    Ok so for some reason since the update, everybody's names have turned red in chat...
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    This was a craftbukkit problem, it would set all players to op. And i think you have been using Essentials otherwise the names wouldn't turn red so report there if after you update to CB424+ the problem still ocurs
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    Any idea how to fix everybody's names being red, i have not touched the files or changed anything so abit confused i also noticed this in my console, not sure how to fix it either:
    2011-02-23 04:41:39 [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLAYER_CHAT to iChat
    java.lang.VerifyError: (class: com/nijikokun/bukkit/Permissions/Permissions, method: setupPermissions signature: ()V) Bad type in putfield/putstatic
            at com.nijikokun.bukkit.iChat.Listener.onPlayerChat(
            at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(
            at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(
            at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
            at net.minecraft.server.Packet3Chat.a(SourceFile:24)
            at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.a(SourceFile:230)
            at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
            at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:100)
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
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    Ok thanks man, i thought i did download 424 but must have been 422 or something, it seems to have been fixed, Thanks for the link, the usual one i go on for downloads seems to 404 everytime.
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    it prints long constructor error. greets.
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    I was having issues with iChat not reading the proper group name or prefix/suffix. A user placed into the admins group kept getting the prefix/suffix of the Default user group. (i.e. user AdminPlayer would show up in chat as: [Guest] AdminPlayer instead of [Admin] AdminPlayer)
    I updated all my plugins to latest in hopes that would fix it (it did not). It turns out I had to roll back Permissions from 2.1 to 2.0 and now the prefix/suffix gets applied properly.
    I read through all 10 pages of this topic and couldn't find anything to indicate Permissions 2.1 was a problem. To anyone else looking through this topic with the same problem, I hope this helps you.

    I'm including truncated snips of config code and Craftbukkit version should anyone need them as reference.
    Fig 1 - User added to admin group.
    group: admins
    Fig 2 - Admins group (spaces not preserved)
    default: false
    prefix: '&cAdmin'
    suffix: ''
    build: false
    - Moderator
    Moderator inherits from Member, which inherits from Default.

    Fig 3 - Default group (spaces not preserved)
    default: true
    prefix: '&2Guest'
    suffix: ''
    build: false
    - 'SpawnControl.spawn.use'
    Fig 4 - Craftbukkit build and plugins.
    2011-02-23 05:33:33 [INFO] This server is running Craftbukkit version git-Bukkit-0.0.0-446-g085e65f-b426jnks (MC: 1.2_01)
    2011-02-23 05:40:02 [INFO] Plugins: BorderGuard, General, HeroicDeath, iChat, MagicCarpet, Permissions, SpawnControl, WorldEdit, WorldGuard

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