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    EasyShout - Shout(and repeat) text everybody can read
    Version: v1.0

    You can easily shout text that repeats with a delay(count and delay are configurable). Supports Permissions(2.5.x+) and iConomy(4.x)

    • type /shout {TEXT} to repeat {TEXT} as configured
    • type /lastshout to see the last text, which was shouted
    • Support for Permissions(2.5.x+)(optional)
    • Support for iConomy(4.x)(optional)
    Download in attachment

    (config.yml; will be created automatically)
    shout-cost: 1000 <- the price of /shout
    use-iconomy: true
    use-permissions: true
    shout-delay: 10 <- delay in seconds between the automatic repeats
    shout-count: 5 <- number of repeats
    prefix: '[EasyShout]' <- prefix before [Player-name/CONSOLE] (can be empty!)
    allow-overwrite: true <- allow to overwrite* an running shout
    op-only: false <- only OPs can use /shout
    • EasyShout.shout - allow to shout
    • EasyShout.shout4free - allow to shout for free
    • EasyShout.overwrite - allow to overwrite* Shouts(Console will own this permission)
    What means overwrite?
    Only one shout per time can be executed, if you have the permission to overwrite shouts the actual shout will be overwritten with yours and the counter(how often repeat) will be taken back.

    • The config is set to defaults(Count = 5; Delay = 10; prefix = [EasyShout])
    • I'm allowed to shout, so I type "/shout A Test-Message"
    • Everybody can see now [EasyShout][Pcgames3112]A Test-Message
    • This will appear 5 times with a delay of 10 seconds.
    • But now(for Example after the 3rd time), there is an Admin on the Console who have to make an important announce.
    • He writes "shout The Announce" in the Console
    • My shout should appear another 2 times, but he "overwrites" me.
    • For now all players will see "[EasyShout][CONSOLE]The Announce" for 5 times with a delay of 10 seconds
    Version 1.0
    • Release
    Other(Todo an so on...):
    • Both Commands work in Console too!
    • All Messages will be red, but its on my TODO-list to make the color configurable
    • Another thing I want to do is to add the possibility to create language files.
    • Separate Command for only shout to one Group
    • This is my first bukkit plugin and my first Java project ever. So, please report bugs!
    • Thanks to all the Plugin-authors who opened their sourcecode! I didn't copy from you but I learned how to create Bukkit Plugins!
    • Last but not least: Sorry for possibly errors in my English spelling or grammar, because I'm not native in this language.

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  2. Nice idea. This might become handy for other plugins like localshops. This can be used as advertisement for their shops. Thank you!
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    You should be able to use a command to shout to a certain group.
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    I'll look how to handle this.
    I've looked over this, but I've problems with multiworld support(World1:Admins:player1; World2:Admins:player1 -> Message to group Admins = 2 messages for Player1.
    But i'll try to clear out this bug when a recommended Craftbukkit build for v1.5 get released.
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    Can you change /shout to /!
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    Sorry, but I think this would conflict with many other plugins.(for Example Plugins which are repeating yur last command at /! )
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    I do not why the money is deducted OP I!
    Sorry for writing I'm from Ukraine!!:confused:
    How to create one that used to take money!:rolleyes:
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    I haven't updated it for iConomy 5 yet, so it only works with 4.x and below. Sorry about that, but I've no time to do much programming these days.
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    Now I understand! Set as support for 5 please:D!
    Thanks to a good plugin!;)
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    can you please add a few things um, use of color codes when shouting, and config with how you want the shout and name thing to look cuz i would love mine like this: [Megaphone]:King_kYl3: Hello How &5Are you?, that would be epic as if you could thanks heaps XD
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    source please?

    Can I get the Source code please!

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    The download link isnt working.

    Does anyone have this and is willing to upload it for everyone? :D
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    Hi, I've reuploaded it for you, but I think it isn't working anymore, because it was made for an older bukkit an iConomy version.
    Edit: Sources follow in a minute.
    Edit2: The code isn't very well and the comments are in german(this was my first Java-project) but here it is:
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    this is now inactive, please update to latest rb and tag me if you wish to revive
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    Can someone send me a settings.yml and config.yml that works correctly? Cuz im jusstt getting errors with mine, my settings.yml is blank, and the config.yml -
    shout-format: <shoutprefix>&f<name>:<message>
    timer-start-message: <shoutprefix>&6You may not send another shout for &a<timeLeft> &6seconds.
    timer-start-message-enabled: true
    time-remaining-message: <shoutprefix>&6You still have &a<timeLeft>&6 seconds remaining until you can send another shout!
    time-remaining-message-enabled: true
    timer-end-message: <shoutprefix>&6You may now send another shout message.
    timer-end-message-enabled: true
    message-prefix: '&c[Shout] &f'
    use-prefix: true
    cooldown-enabled: true
    cooldown-seconds: 300
    shout-cost: 1000
    use-iconomy: true
    use-permissions: true
    shout-delay: 10
    shout-count: 5
    prefix: '[SHOUT]'
    allow-overwrite: true
    op-only: false
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    Hi, this Plugin is outdated and doesn't work with the latest RB.

    If you look closely you can see it is made for RB 803 now we are at RB 2340.
    I've linked the source in my previous post if someone plans to update it, but I won't.

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