[CHAT/FUN/ADMN] PwnFilter v2.3.5 - Chat Control Powered by Regex [CB 1.5.1]

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    PwnFilter v3.0.1 - Chat Control Powered by Regex
    Version: v3.0.1

    PwnFilter is STILL ACTIVE, click on the link above to go to BukkitDev

    Now with effective CAPS replacement, random word replacements, customizable warning messages and additional punishment methods like "burn" for your potty-mouthed players! Configurable priority settings so that you can use with nearly any other chat plugins!

    This plugin uses the power of Regular Expressions to filter anything you want from chat. Matching messages can be rewritten, logged and blocked, depending on the rules you define. Stop yourself from accidentally sending those embarrassing .commands to chat. Warn users who use bad language and even turn their profanities into harmless language. Make fun chat replacements for your favorite in-server memes. Possibilities are endless.

    PwnFilter is basically a revival of the RegexFilter by FloydATC. Myself and so many people loved this plugin that, I thought as my first adventure in to the JAVA / Bukkit development world that I would revive this, the ultimate chat filter plugin that has ever existed. Thanks to FloydATC for originally making this plugin and to Heliwr for preserving the source code after it went inactive.

    • Command typos beginning with certain characters can be stopped (like . and 7).
    • Optionally recover those typos and execute the command as intended.
    • Define your own macros or command aliases.
    • Simple but powerful configuration with built-in debugging.
    • Each regular expression is compiled only once => very fast.
    • Supports filter rules reload with "/pwnfilter reload".
    • Optionally kick or warn players on matches OR
    • Execute commands from console or other plugins.
    • Supports &(0-F) color message replacement.
    • Commands for OP or by permission node.
    • Extremely effective curse / swear word filter: Assign appropriate punishment levels based on severity.
    • Great for anti-ad / anti-pub: Filter domain names and IP addresses from chat efficiently.
    • Single line spam filtering: Remove repetitive characters like hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.
    • CAPS Blocking capability: Trigger events when messages have too many caps.
    • Typo correction: Replace common and annoying typos like "teh".
    • Fun filters: Kick players for using a meme in chat. Automatically colorize your admins names.
    • Command aliases: Map !command to /longer command that is annoying to type all the time.
    • More: What things can you think of that PwnFilter can do? Let us know.
    Installation & Configuration:
    • Place the PwnFilter.jar in your plugins folder and start/restart your server. The /PwnFilter folder and a default "rules.txt" file will be created.
    • Edit your config.yml for plugin priority and default warning messages.
    • Edit your rules.txt file to your liking. This plugin uses RegEx, so it is helpful to understand regular expressions in creating your filter rules. I have provided some samples and additional information on the PwnFilter Bukkit Dev Page.
    • pwnfilter.reload: To use "/pwnfilter reload" command and reload rules.txt
    • pwnfilter.bypass: Group/User with this permission will bypass ALL filters. Those with OP or * nodes will have this applied automatically unless you negate the permission.
    • pwnfilter.cls: Ability to clear the chat screen
    • pwnfilter.mute: Ability to mute all players on the whole server with one quick command
    Download From Bukkit Dev:


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    • Updated for Craftbukkit 1.5 and 1.5.1 servers
    • Delete your config.yml for this update to generate a new one, rules.txt can remain.
    • Bugfixes on burn, warn, kick and kill messages where replacement text would break.
    • Added default messages for warn, burn, kick and kill to the config.yml with color code support.
    • Default messages can be overridden via rules.txt, also with color code support.
    • More code cleanup for a faster running plugin!
    • Build for Craftbukkit 1.4.6-R0.1
    • Some small code tweaks for greater efficiency, thanks to Cryptix.
    • Build for Craftbukkit 1.4.5-R1.0
    • New post match operators:
      • then cmdchain - Allows you to create chained command aliases. Usage: then cmdchain command 1|command 2|command 3
        • Note that these are player issued commands, players will need to have permissions to use commands in the chain.
        • You may use syntax from the standard "then command" operator like &player, &world and &string for data replacement in the chains.
    • New command and permission node
      • /pfmute - permission: pwnfilter.pfmute - description: Globally mute the entire server (regular chat only not PM's or emotes). Using this command will cancel ALL chat events until this command is run again.
    • A long awaited addition for pwnfilter finally added: configurable plugin priority.
      • Important You should delete your existing config.yml for this update.
      • Edit the config.yml "priority" with choice of lowest, low, normal, high, highest. Default is lowest.
      • If Pwnfilter is not working well with any of your other chat related plugins, you may change the priority in order to resolve conflicts. Contact your chat control plugin maker to find out what priority their "listener" runs on.
    • New post match operators:
      • then randrep - replaces matching regex from a pipe separate list of potential replacements!
      • then lower - replaces matching regex with the same matching regex, forced to lower case! (Basically, CAPS Replacer)
    • Removed the [PwnFilter] prefix from warning, burn and kill messages. You may now use your own warning message from scratch, with color code support!
    • Please review the PwnFilter Pages for updated material on the 2.0 update!
    • Added "then kill" and "then burn" as optional punishments related to a match. See post match operators page for usage.
    • Updated for CB 1.4.5-R0.2
    • Fixed bug with PwnFilter player kicks and asynPlayerChatEvent.
    • PwnFilter for Craftbukkit 1.4.2-R0.2 and reverted to Java 6. If you prefer for any reason, Java7, 1.9.0 will also work on 1.4.2 servers.
    • Updated to latest release of Craftbukkit Version 1.3.2-R1.0
    • Built against Java 7 (should not cause servers on Java6 any problems)
    • Added a screen clearing command - /pfcls
    • Renamed the rules reload command to - /pfreload
    • Fixed console permissions error.
    • Cleaned up some more unneeded and/or inefficient code
    • Updated for CraftBukkit 1.3.1 new AsyncPlayerChatEvent. This will NO LONGER WORK on 1.2.5!
    • Code cleanup for enabling and disabling plugin, code cleanup on chat listener.
    • Removed some unused libraries.
    • Added new permission node pwnfilter.bypass to give to users or groups who should not be affected at all by pwnfilter.
    • Built against Bukkit 1.2.5R 5.0 and tested compatible.
    • Adjusting PwnFilter's event.priority to lowest setting in attempt to avoid conflicts with other chat control plugins.
    • Updated default "rules.txt" with changes added since 1.2
    • Added requested option "ignore string" which will ignore a match if it contains the defined string.
    • Removed "ignore group" and "require group" in lieu of permissions, basically redundant code.
    • Upgraded plugin from "Beta" to "Release"
    • Added "ignore permission" and "require permission" rules.
    • Added "then rewrite" rule for soft replacement, ignoring color codes.
    • Edited "then replace" rule for hard replacement, stripping color codes.
    • Added new variable "&string" to rules for "command" & "console". Use &string to insert chat message into your rule.
    • Added the "&player" and "&world" variables to "command" as well as "console".
    • Fixed "command" to ignore chat message unless given "&string" as a variable, great for making aliases.
    • Improved detection and replacement of messages for users with colored chat enabled. This would be difficult if not impossible using rules.txt so I built it into the filter.
    • Was told I should include a LICENSE file in my source file so I did.
    • Updated default rules.txt
    • Minor code cleanup
    • Added permission node pwnfilter.reload (no longer OP only)
    • Built original plugin against CraftBukkit 1.2.5-R4.0
    • Added in bukkit.ChatColor support
    • Fixed /pwnfilter reload function, actually works now, and reloads the rules.txt
    • Added rules.txt chat color support for &(0-F) color codes. These previously worked in the old version but derped somewhere along the way with CB updates and changes.
    • Renamed plugin from RegexFilter to PwnFilter with intention of eventual code overhaul.
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    That looks pretty damn awesome.
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    Awesome, approved.
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    Updated to CB1.2.5 R5.0 with new permission node for pwnfilter.bypass (exempt from any filters). Looks like 1.3 is already on the way though.. so, well be looking forward to that.
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    Now that I know Perl, I know what your forum thread means! Plus, looking forward to using this for my 1.3.1 server.
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    I already updated this long time ago -.- It works for the lates CB
    Search before post anything.

    You made a full scratch of my update and changed the name and commands -.-
    This already exists, please admin, remove this.

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    Adde (formerly Addemod - banned from bukkit) gtfo!! For serious you can't code for shit.. and you programmed a backdoor into your version of RegexFilter that allowed you to give yourself diamonds on any server that installed it. That IS ALL YOU DID. People avoid anything from this so called plugin developer like that plague or watch your server probably get hacked.

    My version of regex filter (PwnFilter) is being completely re-written with added features and I'm bringing it up to the latest coding standards put out by bukkit... and I'm also providing decent server admin support through bukkit dev on how to use the plugin properly. I've taken care not to slam any other plugin makers or chat filter plugins, but since you came on this forum like this.. I'll give you a big fuck the fuck off dude.

    For anyone else - check my bukkit dev page, I opened a github repo and will post posting my source soon in compliance with GPL.

    For anyone who wants a look.. Here is adde's RegexFilter decompiled source.

    RegexFilterPlayerListener.class: http://pastebin.com/0NZAuDUz
    RegexFilter.class: http://pastebin.com/rZ9bmU5z

    It is practically unchanged from FloydATC's original plugin. He is still using outdated permissions handling from the original RegexFilter that was on CB860 ?!?

    1. import com.nijiko.permissions.PermissionHandler;
    2. import com.nijikokun.bukkit.Permissions.Permissions;
    I would let this guy slide but he comes on my thread asking to get my plugin pulled... so i'm mad. While I admit to being a noob JAVA developer i've been a C and PHP developer for 15 years. This guy however is a complete fraud.
    Something adde hasn't done is post his source. Which, I have.. watch him go steal this now: https://github.com/Pwn9/PwnFilter

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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    adde you are looking a fool here.
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    Lol? That was a long text just for saying I amwrong, and mbaxter Only cause you are staff, it doesn't make you able to threat me like a fool. Gtfo. I just said it was looking like mine, he could just say that he added more stuff to it and yes I am a shit coder. I just update old plugins, I do not change them. O_O
    And hacking a server for this..? pfft, and that is not possible since that is not my server IP.
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    Just start using your plugin few days ago, I have to say is looking good, I like the simplicity on it.

    As a feature that you could add will be a simple clear chat? something like /pwnclean or just /pc , as is stands right now I am using this plugins for Anti-Advertising and another plugin for clearing out the chat, a feature like this will make me get rid of the other plugin.

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    Eventually I'll see what additional functionality I can add, this is a good idea and I will add it to my list. I'm new to JAVA so it's coming along. Also need to add a better anti-caps solution built in among other things..

    Version 1.7 now available on BukkitDev - compatible with ONLY 1.3.1 builds using the new PlayerChatEvent.
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    Update - I've added this feature coming out soon in version 1.8.0 - the command will be /pfcls

    and if that's too long you can always make an alias like !cls
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    Thanks [diamond]
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    Updated for CB 1.3.2 servers. As usual, post any questions or discussions on the BukkitDev forums as I don't really follow this thread that much.
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    PwnFilter is now up to date for CB 1.4.5-R0.2 with a fix for the "then kick" method that was causing some console errors. Like usual, all discussion and downloads are available on the PwnFilter BukkitDev page.
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    Latest PwnFilter release will fix some minor issues with chaining, replacements, warning messages are more.

    We've also added a command /pfmute - the ability for server owners to mute the entire server in order to stop chat or make announcments!
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    Pwnfilter has a whole bunch of new updates and features, just surf on over to the BukkitDev pages to learn more!

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