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  1. EasyTitles - Easy title management through permissions!
    Version: v1.2

    EasyTitles is a plugin for Bukkit that will give server administrators an easy way to make large groups of titles and give them to users through permissions.


    • Create groups of titles
    • Give access to these groups through permissions
    • Easy way for users to list there available titles
    • All colors and formats are supported
    • Should not interfere with other chat plugins
    More information and download can be found on the EasyTitles project page.


    Version 1.2
    • Fixed a bug that resets titles when server restarts/reloads
    Version 1.1
    • Fixed a bug with reloading the config (it was checking offline players)
    • When the server reloads or restarts it will check all players for valid titles
    Version 1.0
    • Final release
    Version 0.1
    • Initial release
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    How and where do titles appear?
  3. Maybe a screenshot of the plugin in action is better. But titles will be shown in front of the players name. The format can be anything you want!
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    Don't think you can have spaces in [1.1-R7]....
  5. Thanks!

    Added another screenshot to show a little impression. Also updated the change log, I had already uploaded 1.1!

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    so how do you set rank to each player in the player.yml

    i've already got the groups, but don't know where to put rank number in player.yml

    Format: '&f[&2@&f] &7%1$s: &f%2$s'
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    Is there a way I can add more titles? The only one I'm able to use is "traveler"
  9. You can add more titles if you edit the config of EasyTitles. See the BukkitDev page for more documentation:

    You give a list of titles (can be one title ;)) through a permission to a player. If you've added the groups in the config then you just have to give the player permissions through your permission plugin.

    Give the player the permission:
    The player can then use all the titles in the group groupname.

    You don't have to touch the player.yml file yourself.

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    looks like a great plugins! Although 1.2.3 came out not to long the plugins compatible for it?
  11. Yes it's compatible. But the official release build is 1.1-R7, that's why it's still called that way :)
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    Thanks man! I will definately try this on my server!

    Also, is there any in-game commands to give a player a different title? Or create a new group?

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  13. Nope. Groups of titles can be edited in the config. Which in turn you can reload.

    Players can get these groups through a permission. Then the player can choose which title they want to use.

    I know the documentation is a bit scarce but I will try and solve that as soon as possible!
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    Oh and another quick question...will this interfere at all with Factions? (where the name of the faction is on the left side of the player's name)
  15. I've made it so it uses the same format as Minecraft uses. So if there are any problems they can be because of other plugins using the format of chat messages wrong.

    But please post a message here if there are any incompatibility with other plugins. I will try and figure out what's going wrong then.
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    Hey it says that you can change colours on titles.. but how?? is it in the format?
  17. Yes it is. In the format you can set colors with &0 to &f.

    Here is an example of the different color codes:

    Edit: I've also extended the config page with an example.
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    Do the titles appear in front of a group prefix, or do they replace the prefixes.
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    Thanks :D
  20. It shows the title in front of the player name. I haven't seen any uses for suffixes. It also uses Minecraft/Bukkit's own way to show this the player name and format so it should not interfere with other plugins.
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    What is the chat system that you are showing in the picture where it shows the traveler saying what?
  22. I use a combination of ChannelChat, ChannelColor and of course EasyTitles :)
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    Err I dont know how to create my own ranks such as owner? could you please get back to me in the comments please. Thanks for your time, Mk4x PorkCraft Owner :)

    I have downloaded the plugin and tryed all the commands and it says something about a title number could you come on and explain personally or are you too busy.

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    Ok thanks alot
  25. You have to enter the groups and titles in the config file.

    I will add some new options to add titles through commands as many people don't know how to work with config files :)
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    How do you give someone else a title?
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    Does it work with 1.2.5 even though it says 1.1?
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    hey can you give a video totorial on how to config easy titles.
  29. This works on all the latest versions of Bukkit! :)

    I will try and make some documentation. Video would be hard because I can't record my own screen (only games.)
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    Hey I'm trying to do something with Heroes where you get a certain title each time you rank up 10 levels. Here's the problem... It uses the default chat format, but I want a different color for each of my 5 classes. When i set the rank to all of them as 10, it just uses the "Default" format. I need a way for them to be able to use a separate chat format regardless of their "Rank". Is there any way to just completely remove that Rank feature? I have knowledge of bukkit programming so if there's something that I can remove from the code to get rid of the Rank feature, that'd be great. Thanks.

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