[CHAT] DanAndChat v1.0 Alpha - Prefixes, and local channels![1240/1185]

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    DanAndChat v1.0.0-alpha
    ~ The Open Source Chat-Channel Plugin ~
    I'm currently looking for someone to help me develop DanAndChat.
    Due to real-life issues I don't have as much time for this project as I'd wanted. Throw me a PM if you're interested.

    ..is an open source chat-project. If you're using the latest version, it will work out of the box for the average server.
    On top of that, there are a lot of configuration options, if you want to customize DanAndChat.

    It aims to provide an alternative to HeroChat and similar plugins, while also later aiming to expand the usability in another direction, to fit e.g. roleplaying much more, but still be highly configurable so that you only get it to do, what you want it to do.
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    Note this plugin sends usage statistics to me so I can see how many people are using this plugin and its popularity. This is a way for me of keeping track of how popular this plugin is. However, if you wish to opt-out there is an option to do so, go to the folder: plugins/stats and find config.yml and edit appropritately.
    If you wish to send me statistics but not have your server listed change listserver: false but keep opt-out: false.
    The stats are public and can be found here: http://usage.blockface.org/plugin/DanAndChat.

    [​IMG]DanAndChat v1.0.0-alpha (Functional, not finished) - Plug'n'Play (Changelog Coming up)
    [​IMG]DanAndChat v0.1.14 - Jar| v0.1.13| v0.1.12| v0.1.11
    [​IMG]DanAndChat v0.1.14 - Pre-configured Zip| v0.1.13| v0.1.12| v0.1.11


    Old post - Keeping it for own purposes. (open)
    DanAndChat v0.1.14(Formerly NaviaChat)[/quote][/B][/SIZE]
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    Hey McAndze. Your plugin is boss. I can emulate herochat pretty well with it, and since I use bukkitperms it's perfect. However, since I installed it this morning, my server will just randomly restart every 5-45 minutes whenever it wants. I narrowed it down to DanAndChat unfortunately.
    I'm on 1.8.1 #1240, and i have a few plugins like Spout, Falsebook, Superbridge, Essentials core/spawn, residence, economy and chest shop. It literally only happens when I reenable the plugin, and sometimes it would just restart twice in a row. Any ideas on what's causing it to derp?
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    That's a new one. I'll look into it. Thanks for reporting.
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    Hey, having a couple issues. When I go to type /prefix i get...

    Not sure why or what I'm doing. Any help?
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    Support for SimpleClans?

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