Chat colors and prefixes dont work

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by GhostMole, Aug 7, 2011.

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    hello i am currently haveing alot of trouble with all of the chat plugins the colors dont show up on my server! Actually nothing shows up on my server! just the white names with the white text and no prefixes :( . If any of you know what may be the problem please contact me i will be vary grateful
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    Grammar Troll

    The problem is that you did something wrong.
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    moved to appropriate section

    and from the looks of it you need to give people more info about the plugins you are using
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    ok well the plugins im using are : afk kick,iconomy,autoplant,chestshops(iconomy),iauction,bigbrother,kiwiadmin,firstspawn,Lockette,loginmessages,myhome,permissions v 3.0,noexplode,rocketboots,playerlist,repairchest,stackable,easyTP,Godpowers,makeemspawn,nofire,textwrap,weathersigns and runecraft thats all my plugins
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    @Plague ok i posted the plugins im currently using is there anything you see that could be a problem?
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    use Essnetials and in the config you can make the colors to what ever you want and also get EssentialsGroupManager allows Prefix and suffixes
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    @emericask8ur i have tried using essentials and the essentials group manager but the plugins i use dont support them and im not to fond of all of the essentials commands
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    The Angry kat

    In order for permissions to show the coloured prefixes you need a plugin like iChat
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    Ha ok

    No u don't I did it without iChat

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    i tried using ichat and stuff and they didnt work thats what im having a problem with
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