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    ColorNames - Make your name stand out!
    version: v1.2.2

    ColorNames is a simple, no-extras plugin for coloring your name with bInfo and/or in-game.

    Note- ColorNames' coloring is checked first, then bInfo.
    Note- I do not know what other plugins like bInfo will work, but if they emulate it they might.

    • Hook into bInfo prefix/suffixes!
    • Change the color of your name IN GAME with /color <color>!
    • Change the color of your MESSAGE with /colormessage <color>!
    • Make a random colored message every time you type with /colormessage random!
    • Color recognition- You don't have to type in the number!
    • Color blacklist!
    • Use superperms nodes to allow changing of colors!
    • Superperms not required! Above defaults to OP.
    Commands: (open)

    • /color <color>
    • /color <color> <name>
    • /colormessage <color>
    • /colormessage <color> <name>
    • /colormessage random <name>

    Permission nodes (open)

    Note: They correspond to the commands above
    Note: Superperms, not the plugin Permissions
    • colornames.changecolor.self
    • colornames.changecolor.others
    • colornames.changemessagecolor.self
    • colornames.changemessagecolor.others
    Note: The wildcard * works, used like colornames.changecolor.* or just colornames.* for everything.

    Download : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18830644/ColorNames.jar
    Source: https://github.com/khyperia/Plugins/tree/Main/ColorNames/src
    Note: I may not keep source super-up-to-date, so don't be alarmed if its a day behind
    Config howto: Just replace 'true' with 'false' on any color that you don't want to be able to be used

    • Fix bug by making names generate on-chat. (This won't screw with other plugins, as it still will be using displayname)
    Bugs: (open)

    • [minor] When externally changing your nickname, such as essentials /nick, the color of your name gets reset to default (white w/o permissions, prefix/suffix with it)

    version 1.2.2
    • Fixed /colormessage random "internal error" (dumb NPEs)
    • Fixed message that came up when you colored your own name. (the 'other guy' and 'myself' messages were backwards)
    • So I guess I could say I also fixed message for coloring other's names.
    version 1.2.1
    • Removed plugin permissions support
    • Added superperms support
    • Added color blacklist (and config.yml)
    More changelog: (open)

    version 1.2
    • Added message coloring
    • Added random message color
    version 1.1
    • Added ability for changing others colors
    • Added name recogition, ie. "kHyP" would equal "khyperia"
    version 1.0

    • Initial release
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    This is happening to all my plugins. I have stopped development of this, people are jerks and I have grown tired supporting my plugins, they suck and its time consuming.
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    Dino Filippini

    We appreciate what work you put into it, no need to say anything more. Perhaps a moderator could move this to inactive then?
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    PLEASE FIX. when i use the plugin it says i cant access the command even though i have all the commands ? can u fix?
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    Read the post before yours.
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    thank you :)
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    I know you said you are no longer developing this, but is it compatible with any newer versions such as 1.2.5?

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