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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Valrix, Feb 27, 2011.

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    when i use the command to change another persons color, it changes the color of their name, but also renames them to my name. whats going wrong?
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    What do you mean it "renames" them?
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    This happens to me, too.
    For example, when I
    /color Yogi_Da_Bear darkred
    , instead of showing Yogi's username, it shows my username (kuyanatan) in the color I specified.
    When using other commands, like /tp or /kick, the original name works.

    Current plugins: BigBrother, ColorMe, CommandBook, HeroicDeath, Jail, MagicCarpet, MineBackup, MultiInv, MultiVerse, MyHome, MyWarp, NoWeather, Permissions, PortalStick, RocketBoots, ServerSave, SimpleNews, WorldEdit, WorldGuard, iChat, LWC
    Bukkit version: git-Bukkit-0.0.0-958-g65a55ba-b1036jnks (MC: 1.7.3)
    ColorMe version: 2.4
    ColorMe config:
    # ColorMe Color File -2.4
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    Same thing happens to me, plugins in common with kuyan are: BigBrother, ColorMe, CommandBook, MultiVerse, Permissions, WorldGuard
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    Don't forget that you need to use PermissionsBukkit now instead of Permissions to manage ColorMe since I no longer hook into the Permissions plugin. I use native bukkit permissions which are easier to manage and use less resources.
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    Do you have a link to the download for 2.2? 2.4 won't save colored names on my server, and 2.2 worked all the time. Is there a link? D;
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    If it's not working, try to tell me what's not working so I can fix it. Nothing changed when it came to saving. Any errors?
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    So I need PermissionsBukkit instead of Permissions for this to work? I have permissions right now and when I try to change the colors it tells me that I don't have permission.
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    Ok, thanks!
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    Correct. Permissions is no longer hooked in and native bukkit permissions are used instead. PermissionsBukkit does basically the same thing as Permissions, but uses less memory and uses native permissions instead.
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    lol didn't realise that you kicked permissions out, I guess it gives me more reason to switch soon. I was having the same problem tho with the renaming. Tho I am OP it should still work with me renaming everyone no ? tho I have everyone now named Zelif :/

    It seems to be changing +displayname aswell of who ever sets the colour.
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    Why can't OPs color their names? I did /colorme gold it said my name changed to gold, but when I talk, my name is still Aqua. Any help?
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    Well basically I'm not ready to quickly shift over to bukkit's new permissions. I'll be on permissions until all of my plugins hook into the new setup. I need a 2.2 jar so that I can use the plugin until I'm ready. Basically, colors don't save after logout. I can color someone's name, but then next time they log in the color is gone.
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    Help Me Please.
    I changed my color and it said my color was : darkaqua

    However, when i chat its still red.

    Plugins I have : AutoSave, Citizens, ColorMe, Essentials, PetCreeper, PickBoat, Prefixer, Remove Explosions, World Edit, xAuth, Teleport Coordinates
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    how do i make it to where only admins can change the color of the names?
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    I got the same problem, but my name is white. i think i know why your name is red
    # A color code between 0-9 or a-f. Set to 'none' to disable.
    ops-name-color: 'c'
    change 'c' to 'none' and it will be white.
    But it is Essentials that causes the problem. even though you go in the Essentials config and changes the ops name color to 'none' and try to change your name color with ColorMe it still doesnt work. so you have to delete Essentials if you wanna use ColorMe, don't think he can fix it.

    use the Permissions nodes?
    colorme.list - Allows player to use /color[me] list to see color list
    colorme.self - Allows player to set own prefix
    colorme.other - Allows player to set another player's prefix
    colorme.remove - Allows player to remove another player's prefix
    * All players can remove their own prefix regardless of permissions *
    Essentials still fucks it up....

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    im horrible at permissions
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    Blame Essentials. It needs to die in a fire.
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    I've been used ColorMe with Essentials for a while. How come it doesn't work now. :/
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    I think it's because now ColorMe sets the DisplayName on login and whenever it gets changed instead of checking every time the user chats. I'm betting Essentials checks every time the player speaks, which overrides ColorMe. That's Essentials being a resource hog and not playing nice with other plugins. Remove the EssentialsChat or possibly all of Essentials if you want ColorMe. I really don't see why people "need" Essentials. It's terrible.
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    Alright so, I changed the color of my friend's name, and now he has my display name in chat. Wtf?
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    I'm really not sure. I need to get a few people to join me in my server so I can try to figure out the issue. What plugins do you have installed?
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    What are the prefixes and suffixs for colorme?
    I have downloaded permissions and I want to set the color for my admin to red, staff blue, VIP Purple, and default white, I dont want to have to do that for every player that joins ingame, if you could tell me if you posted it, or supply my with them, thanks a bunch

    Note: I tested 88% positive for idiocity.
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    I need an alternative for Essentials then?

    I need the commands : /sethome, /home , /spawnmob , teleport commands, item spawning commands, worldedit and world guard commands, and alot others. D:
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    Here's a screenshot. But to be a little more descriptive, it only happens when I change his name, as in, I type /color user red. Then, he gets a red name, but it's my display name. It also does the reverse, where he changed my color and I get his name.

    These are my plugins, I edited out unnecessary files like readmes.

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    Retested and the renaming thing fixes it self after the player logs back on so when it runs.

    That is accually setting the name back to what it is suppose to be.
    As opposed to when the player runs the command.

    I had a quick look again and what is happening is somewhere the sender's name gets placed in the players name displayname, now by the looks it seems this accually might of been around for a little while it is just you use to have onPlayerChat to make it work and correct your self thus not seeing this bug.

    I know crap all about java but this is all I can take by seeing how it is coded and what is happening.
    I hope this helps in anyway.

    EDIT: line 223:

    Should be
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    Ooh, nice catch. I wonder how I messed that one up. Thanks! I'll patch that up and update the thread. That should at least help a bit. Still don't know what to say about Essentials though.

    There are plugins to handle homes, teleporting, item spawning, and world editing/guarding. Essentials is basically just a giant, bloated package of tons of other plugins that likes to break other plugins because it tries to give all of those more priority. Think of it trying to be the "king" of plugins. Not very cool to other devs when someone is monopolizing the whole thing. To sum it up in a single sentence, look at my sig. I quoted someone who said exactly how plugins SHOULD be.

    Plus, running a bunch of smaller, better built plugins takes up less memory than one large one since the smaller ones have less garbage to be collected. So when the GC has to clean up the memory, it goes faster and the server will run better. Though that's only true if the smaller plugins were developed correctly. Either way, read the quote in my sig and you'll get it.

    Zelif actually found the issue and I'm going to update it shortly. It's a nice little hotfix.

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    Screw essentials thats what ... -cough-
    Atleast I was able to learn how java works and how colour me works.
    I had only the idea of displayname was getting misplaced. :D

    It looks like something I would do via a copy paste change valuse ... then always miss atlease one >.<
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    Haha, agreed! I'm glad you learned a bit and it was a good help to me. Saved me time and helped everyone else in the process ^^
    Yeah, I think it was something I was copying and pasting around to save time, yet failed to double check the syntax before building. And since I do most testing by myself and not another live player, I can't tell if something goes weird with their name.
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    Works like a charm. Glad to help with this plugin, thought it would have been a tad easier if someone found the prob for you as it does mean quicker fixes for everyone ;D

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