[CHAT] ChatSentry v1.4.1 - A simple censoring plugin 170+ DLs[#1185]

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    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    Version 1.4.1
    Now on BukkitDev. Posts on this forum post will be answered AFTER the ones on BukkitDev.
    Go there now!

    Features list:
    * An easy to use config file.
    * Simple chat censoring
    * Added a bypass with PermissionsBukkit
    * Configurable auto-kick.
    * Configurable lightning strike.
    * Configurable slay
    * Configurable Hunger drop
    * Configurable health drop
    * Configurable censor message.
    * Ops bypass censoring.

    Todo List:

    * Counter .s and spaces and other mistypes of the banned words.


    * First edition of the plugin, just basic censoring.
    * Added a permission node to bypass ChatSentry. (PermissionsBukkit)
    * Added configurable auto-kick
    * Added configurable lightning strike.
    * Added configurable punishments.
    * Added a configurable censor message.
    * Added OP support.

    Howto install:

    Download the jar
    Copy and paste it into your plugins folder
    Reload/restart your server
    Config file should have generated in your plugin/ChatSentry directory.
    Default config:
    - crap
    - bum
    - idiot
    - noob
    hurt-health: 0
    lightning: 0
    auto-kick: 0
    kill: 0
    set-health: 0
    hurt-hunger: 1
    set-hunger: 5
    Add more in the same format.
    Replace the 0 on hurt-hunger, hurt health lightning,auto-kick and kill with 1 to turn the one you change on.
    Change set-health to the amount of health they have after saying a banned word.
    Change set-hunger to the amount of health they have after saying a banned word.
    Note: It isn't case sensitive so no need for like CrAp etc. It doesn't support cr.ap though.

    Using the plugin:
    If someone types a word on the banned-words list, it will tell them that they can't say that and their message won't be given to other players.

    Using PermissionsBukkit. The node is ChatSentry.bypass
    My terrible video

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    Added install info and permissions support.
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    Nice job, this will come in handy for sure. Maybe add an auto kick option for if those words are used.
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    OK I'll add a config option to turn auto-kick on/off.
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    thanks, my little sister plays on my server i don't want any cussin
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    Added auto-kick, change the auto-kick in config.yml to 1 to turn it on. Note you will have to delete your config file.

    jake can you give me the IP of your server?
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    suggestion : configurable punishments for said words - eg. lose 5 hearts, kicked, zapped, drain food bar, slay.
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    I'll try that, kicked is already in.
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    cool, ive been waiting for something like this for a while. although i just had a plugin developer make one for my server specialy :) il try both out to see which one i like better
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    Well now there is a lightning strike option, just going to do hunger(if possible) and release v1.3
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    Bad download link :/
    Invalid or Deleted File.
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    Download link updated to v1.3 (No hunger at the moment)
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    the only problem with the lightning strike is that it can be abused to kill other players by standing next to someone you know has low health.

    I'll wait for a damage/slay =)
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    Added more punishments.
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    Very good plugin gets the players to not swear, sport creator
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    sport creator?
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    This gets an A+ from me! <3
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    Love the lightning option! :D
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    last request - some words are more offensive than others. eg, saying: "noob" would lose 5 hp AND get smited, "idiot" would /slay, but if someone says "retard", or "dumbnut" they get kicked instantly..

    possible? I would suggest grouping it like this...

    Goup: -Title of the "group of banned words" (ie. insults, racist, etc)
    then subgroup -List of banned words (for the group.)
    along side subgroup: Actions: -lightning: 4 (zapped 4 times), -hurt-health: 4

    then group 2 - title
    subgroup - another list of different banned words,
    subgroup - another list of actions that apply to words said in group2.
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    That would be quite hard, this is my first plugin and my knowledge of bukkit is kind of limited, but I will give it a try.

    I'm going to do something now, not your request xsolar66 but a customizable censor message.
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    maybe add muting players so they cant talk. just type /mute <player> and they can't talk!
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    or rather, mute for 5 minutes , 3 minutes... whatever. long enough so they dont want to cuss again, but not permanent
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    I'll ad /unmute as well.

    Thanks for 170+ downloads!

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    Nice one.
    can you add a auto-kick after the Player write 3-5 times of Bad words in chat?
    And when its able: a auto-ban after 5 times of Bad words in chat?
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    I would be able to do that if I could figure out how to create a database with an entry for each player. If any plugin devs can help, would be appreciated :)
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    I get a could not pass event player_chat to chatsentry error
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    What was your config file?
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    same, happens when someone chats, cfg not edited at all

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