[CHAT] ChatCo v0.23 - Persistent ignores, greentexting, color codes, improved whispers [1.5.2-R0.1]

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    ChatCo - Imageboard-styled chat
    Version: v0.23

    ChatCo is a simple chat plugin that greentexts any message sent in chat if it starts with >, puts a spoiler tag on spoiler-marked text or changes the way whispers look, you can change the format of the whispers by editing the config.yml.
    The plugin has fully customizable color codes and chat prefixes (> for greentext is just an example and is enabled by default), the prefixes are for chat only and not for names in any way.
    There is permission support, so if you want to restrict usage of certain color codes or prefixes to certain groups of users you can do that.

    Players can ignore other players, ignores are persistent, players can also toggle the chat on and off. Check http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/chatco/pages/usage/ for more information.

    If you want to try my plugin before you put it on your server, it's in use on 2b2t.net(greentexting enabled, whispers enabled, spoilers disabled).

    ADMINISTRATIVE COMMANDS(only console input is accepted):
    Every single command goes by the format "chatco component e/d" where 'e' enables and 'd' disables. You will have to reload the plugin in order to make most of the changes take effect.

    • /ignore
    • /ignorelist
    • /togglechat
    • /toggletells
    • /tell
    • /pm
    • /w
    • /msg
    • /t
    • /whisper
    • /r
    • /reply
    • spoilers - enables or disables spoilers, is disabled by default.
    • whispers - enables or disables whisper changes, is enabled by default.
    • newcommands - enables or disables new whisper commands, is enabled by default.
    • whisperlog - enables or disables whisper logging (whisper logs are saved in /ChatCo/whisperlog.txt), is disabled by default.
    • /ignore <player> - ignores or un-ignores the player.
    • /ignorelist - prints all ignored players.
    • /togglechat - disables regular chatting for the player - NOT PERSISTENT.
    • /toggletells - disables tells for the player - NOT PERSISTENT.
    • /r and /reply - replies to the last person who sent you a whisper this session.
    Color codes and prefixes can be disabled by replacing the contents of "" with "!#" e.g. Green: "!#".
    Usage of color codes and prefixes can be restricted by using permissions.
    You can customize the appearance of whispers.
    More info

    • Persistent ignores.
    • Chat toggling.
    • Write > at the start of a message for greentext.
    • Fully customizable prefixes for coloring messages.
    • Fully customizable color codes that color messages.
    • Permission support for color codes and prefixes.
    • Write [ SPOILER]text[ /SPOILER] to make a spoiler.
    • Write /show spoiler [1-5] to view spoilers.
    • Settings for disabling and enabling different components.
    • See your own whisper when you /tell, /pm, /w, /t, /whisper, /msg someone.
    • Light purple color on whispers.
    • Scratch that, you can format the whispers any which way you like.
    • Replying to whispers

    Version 0.23 [Download .jar][1.5.2-R0.1][2013-05-09]
    • Whispers can now be seen in the main command window and in the server log if WhisperMonitoring is set to true in the config, enabled by default.
    Old versions
    Show Spoiler

    Version 0.22 [Download .jar][1.4.7-R1.0][2013-02-04]
    • Fixed an error that was caused by whispering players not currently online.
    Version 0.21 [Download .jar][1.3.1-R1.0][2012-08-15]
    • Added /r and /reply for replying to whispers.
    • Replies can be disabled by setting ChatCo.ReplyCommands to false in the config.
    Version 0.20 [Download .jar][1.3.1-R1.0][2012-08-07]
    • Updated the plugin for 1.3.1-R1.0, you should no longer receive an error in the console on server startup when using ChatCo.
    Version 0.19 [Download .jar][1.2.5-R5.0][2012-07-31]
    • Fixed an error related to /ignore commands. The command worked fine before, this fix simply prevents the console from being spammed when players type the command the wrong way.
    Version 0.18
    Version 0.17 [Download .jar][1.2.5-R4.0][2012-06-15]
    • Added whisper formatting support, you can now change the format of whispers as you please by changing two nodes in the config, check help.txt or the usage page on devbukkit for more information.
    • Removed the default color codes, if you want to use them you'll have to set the values in the config yourself(they're still working, they're just disabled by default).
    Version 0.16 [Download .jar][1.2.5-R3.0][2012-06-09]
    • Added permission support, check help.txt or the usage page for more information
    • Added bold, underline, italic and strikethrough chat codes and prefixes - be careful when using bold, it displays inconsistently (try changing to pirate speak language on minecraft and using bold)
    Version 0.15 [Download .jar][1.2.5-R2.0][2012-05-19]
    • The whisper commands are now case insensitive, e.g. /Tell would revert to the bukkit standard formatting prior to this fix, the new whispers should now be working correctly regardless if the message is written in all lowercase, uppercase or a combination of both.
    Version 0.14 [Download .jar][1.2.5-R1.0][2012-04-30]
    • Fixed a bug that caused prefixes and color codes to not always disable correctly.
    Version 0.13 [Download .jar][1.2.5-R1.0][2012-04-14]
    • The new whispers should now work correctly with most anti-spam plugins.
    Version 0.12 [Download .jar][1.2.5-R1.0][2012-04-10]
    • Added fully customizable prefixes and color codes.
    • Included help.txt to explain some of the features.
    Version 0.11 [Download .jar][1.2.3-R0.1][2012-03-06]
    • Fixed the whisper commands, they should no longer interfere with any plugins while they are active
    • Added whisper logging, the whispers are currently being stored in a separate .txt file located in /ChatCo/whisperlog.txt.
    Version 0.1 [Download .jar][1.2.3-R0.1][2012-03-04]
    • Updated the plugin to work with 1.2.
    • You can now disable the new whisper commands this plugin adds.
    Version 0.04 [Download.jar][1.1-R1]
    • Added whisper changes, take a look here for an example.
    Version 0.03 [Download.jar]
    • Added settings.
    Version 0.02 [Download.jar]
    • Added spoilers in chat.
    Version 0.01 [Download.jar]
    • Added greentexting.

    Future plans:
    • improve spoilers(...)
    • Implementing your ideas! If you have any suggestions do post them in the thread.
    Download latest version
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  2. Great! It would be very much appreciated.
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    Added permission support to the plugin, if you want to restrict usage of certain color codes or prefixes you have to set the corresponding color code or chat prefix node to false in "permissionsConfig.yml", this restricts the usage of the color codes or chat prefixes for everyone except those with the correct permissions set to true - you do NOT need to set permissions to false.
    The permission nodes you're looking for go by the format: ChatCo.ChatPrefixes.Color: true and ChatCo.ColorCodes.Color: true

    Also added bold, italic, underline and strikethrough to the available color codes and prefixes - do care when using bold though, as it displays incorrectly with some fonts.
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    Bravo. I will test this plugin.
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    It is now possible to customize your whispers by changing the ChatCo.WhisperFormat.Receive/Send nodes in the config.yml.
    Also removed the default color code values, you'll have to set them yourself(in the config) if you want to use them.
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    cool, maby a command list
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    I will probably not add a commandlist to this plugin, if you want a commandlist you can use my other plugin InfoMan and make a commandlist yourself.
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    is good

    only plugin with working ignore
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    Updated the plugin for 1.3.1.
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    You mean a prefix?

    GroupManager does this, along with many other stand-alone prefix plugins (i.e. SimplePrefix).
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    You can now reply to the last person to send you a whisper by writing /r <message> or /reply <message> in game, replies can be disabled by setting ChatCo.ReplyCommands to false in the config.
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    can you make feature to not add ignore .txts for all players that join
    but only for player that is use of /ignore
    also plz make impossible to spam /ignore on names that do not exist!! is make large file
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    New version, fixed an error that was caused by whispering players not currently online.
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    Whispers can now be read real time in the command window running the server if WhisperMonitoring is set to true. WhisperMonitoring is set to true by default.

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