Inactive [CHAT] CellMod v3.0.1 - Basic cell phones in Minecraft [1337]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by instipod, Jul 3, 2011.

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    @instipod Try /send instipod Hello!

    Send a message to your self. I have not tried sending it to others as nobody was on my server at the time.
    Edit: Sorry I just seen your reply to me, I am not using iConomy. I am using Essential's built in Money System. Maybe you could add support for that? :)
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    @CainFoool It is supported by Register, so it is done in v1.3.1!

    @NuclearW It is now added!

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    Good work!
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    The Plugin was majorly updated! I recommend all users update to this release. If you don't update, you will not be able to destroy the cell towers!

    @Mikerman50 I found the bug. It is fixed in the latest release, 1.3.2.
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    Thank you kind sir!!!!
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    Pure genius! It'd be cool if you had to buy a cellphone number and can only text to the cell number?
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    This plugin its soooo cool! :D

    But "/send untergrundbiber testmessage" dosent word for me, nothing happens :(
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    @untergrundbiber from what i remember reading, the sending of messages to yourself doesnt work well,..or at all.
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    Hi, i really would like to set this plugin on my contemporary RP server :p
    I noticed that it's impossible to save my changes in the config file. I save the file then i reload my plugins and it's always the default configuration.
    I've got the latest builds for this plugin and iConomy.
  10. Love the plugin!! Heres a few suggestions:

    - Texting people on the same network for free
    - Getting a minecraft cell number (just a few dig. like 704-112 or something)
    - Notification when you leave service!
    - Being able to see their network & signal
    - Activate phone only on one carrier so you can emulate better carriers for a higher cost

    I can list more but I think Ill wait til you get in those :D

    ***PS - Like the person above I cannot save the config either after reload***
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    Hmm ok i try it with another player and still don't work :(
    Try it on a test-server only with CellMod and it works
    i think its collides with an other plugin

    BTW: great idea from our users: ringtone with temporary music box over the head like the intro-function in commandbock and message storage when player offline or has no service
  12. Also, making cell towers configurable in terms of service is a must.

    So typing /cc 20 for a cell tower with a 20 block range etc.
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    So is this just a messaging mod?
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    does this conflict with any other plugin? cause i had a clean install and a setup, created towers and checked my cell, but getting to response when i send mail and my friend who as beside me (beside the tower) was not receiving a send from me!!!!
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    Was your network named AT&T? </badjoke>
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    @fatmarley I will check it out later today, and release a new version.
    @NuclearW lol

    @fatmarley Do you have permissions installed?

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    Have you a solution for the issue about the "non-saveable" config file that me & Seth Bollenbecker are exeperiencing ?
    I'm really impatient to use your plugin :p
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    Have you tried completly shutting off the server when editing the config? Maybe that will help.
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    I'm going to try ;)
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    @Alexxondre I will release a temporary fix soon that should fix this.
  21. Good Im anxious to implement :D Maybe place a feature in it too ;)
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    Okay so i edited my config file while the server was down and it worked ;)
    Everybody on my server love the plugin !
    Impatient to see what will be added later !
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    Well, an update is now out! This should fix any configuration issues (i found more!). Make sure that you follow the New Installation or Upgrade Instructions!
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    Be sure cell numbers are a configurable option; some people do prefer to just use names, especially since this simply replaces the msg service.

    That said, there are times when it is necessary for a player to contact an admin or moderator where the cell phone mechanic does get in the way.

    Perhaps a command such as /911 [player] which when used by a player with the "cellmod.dispatch" permission node will message that player regardless of their service, and when used by any other player without that node only goes through if the [player] target has the permission node.

    In this way, a player needing an admin but also needing discretion can go "/911 adminname So and so is griefing my home!" to which the admin can reply with "/911 needyplayer I am on my way."

    While at the same time, this prevents a player from using it as a location-independent chat service to their friends, as "/911 friendname How are you doing?" will not work, as their friend is not an admin, and cannot send or receive messages from the /911 command.

    Just a thought.
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    @NuclearW Good idea. This will added in the 1.4 release.
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    Sounds good to me, looking forward to it.
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    I thought i had seen all kinds of mods but this actually made me laugh (in a good way) more because its taking minecraft rpg servers to a new level, i did like the idea about people being able to upgrade and even have their own "companies" that was suggested, i may use this now, if that was on the mod i would definitely use it.
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    Everyone on my server loves the plugin, i've just built the first antenna wich is covering the main city and the trade district.
    We definitively need the ability to create multiples carriers :p

    BTW, is it possible for you to give us a language file ? I'd be happy to make the French translation for you.
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    The 1.4 update is out! This adds the most wanted features by the community and fixes most bugs!

    @Alexxondre The next release will have support for multiple languages. I would love it if you could send me a message with the French translations. :)
  30. I just want to take this post to give props to the dev above ^^^

    This plugin is one of the most creative ive ever ran across in Bukkit and it works great! This plugin developer is so quick to fix things its absolutely crazy.

    To the dev: keep it up!!! Obviously your'e looking at our posts and considering them. Hats off to you and how fast you are pumping these features out, don't slow up!

    Few small issues:

    - No confirmation when creating cell tower
    - No number change confirmation
    - No way to check own number (or I dont know how)

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