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    CellMod - Basic cell phones in Minecraft:
    Version: v3.0.1
    By: Instipod
    Tested with: CraftBukkit 1337

    Visit us on BukkitDev:

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    About The Plugin:
    CellMod is the first of my plugins for Bukkit. It allows users to have a "cell phone" in Minecraft. Users may send each other messages by using that cell phone. To use the cell phone though, users must first have service on that phone. OPs can build towers out of blocks and then mark them as "cell towers". If a user is within a certain distance of a tower, they will have service. The plugin can also be set to charge the user per text message sent using most economy systems. The plugin also includes a "911" feature, that allows players to send a message to on online admins and the admin can see the player's name and phone number, as well as the message.

    • Private user-to-user messaging.
    • Tower Signal Strength Indicator.
    • Requires "cell service" to send or receive texts.
    • Can charge per text message sent (To disable set TextCost to 0.0).
    • Support for Permissions/GroupManager and Most Economy's (Register).
    • Emergency contact option for players to contact admins and for admins to contact players.
    • Users are assigned numbers (can be changed once) to use to contact each other.
    • Phonebook listing of all phone numbers
    • SQLite/MySQL Support

    Download The Plugin (.jar)

    Language Translations:
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    To Install: Replace with the one for your language listed above.


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    • /createcell - Mark a block as a "tower" (Requires OP or permission "cellmod.create")
    • /cell - Pull out your cell phone, and check signal (Requires permission "cellmod.use.cell")
    • /send [username] [message] Send a text message (Requires Service and permission "cellmod.use.send")
    • /number [4 digit number] - Changes your phone number (Can only be used once and requires permission node "cellmod.use.number")
    • /em [message] - Sends a message to all online administrators. (Requires OP or permission "cellmod.emcontact" to receive)
    • /phonebook - Lists all online users phone numbers (Requires permission "cellmod.use.phonebook")

    All configuration options are stored in /plugins/CellMod/,
    • tower-material is the item id of the material that cell towers should be made of.
    • show-at-login is a true/false boolean, that controls if CellMod shows up at user join.
    • network-name is the name of the cell network, shown on any command.
    Permission Nodes:
    • cellmod.create - Permission to create a cell tower.
    • cellmod.use.cell - Permission to use cell phone.
    • cellmod.use.send - Permission to send messages.
    • cellmod.use.number - Permission to change number (once)
    • cellmod.use.phonebook - Permission to view phonebook.
    • cellmod.destroy - Permission to destroy cell towers and their blocks.
    • cellmod.emcontact - Permission to receive all 911 messages from players.
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    • CellMod Now Works on CraftBukkit 1185!
    • Fixed Backlog Offline SQL Error
    • Added Signal Colors
    • Better SQL Hook
    • Removed Flat File Storage Method
    • Added SQLite
    • Added MySQL
    • Added More Permissions
    • Added Better Permissions Hook
    • Added Command /phonebook
    • Fixed Backlog Issues
    • Added The Ability To Destroy Cell Towers
    • Complete Code Rewrite
    • Uses Properties now instead of INI
    • Changed create command from /cc to /createcell
    • FULL Multi-World Support
    • Multiple Language Support
    • A bit of core code for future SQL support
    • Bugfix to use player.getName() instead of getDisplayName() causing plugin incompatibly.
    • Stop server crashing in MultiWorld Server. NOTE: This is not full MW support. You cannot build towers in another world. Just to stop the server crashes.
    • Bug fix for the plugin not sending messages, if no economy plugin was installed.
    • Added Message Backlog (For offline or Out of Service players)
    • Added Phone Numbers
    • Added 911 function
    • Re-added the Auto-Generate Config Files Function.
    • Player out-of-service bug fixed
    • Fix for configuration files that caused them to be unchangeable.
    • Core code for giving users phone numbers.
    • You can now destroy towers without manual config file edit!
    • New Permission Node! (cellmod.destroy)
    • Log in bug fixed (Caused exception on Player Log in)
    • New Configuration Option (TowerMaterial)
    • Towers must now be made out of the TowerMaterial, existing towers not effected.
    • Added Register (More economy support)!
    • Pumpkin fix for invalid integer causing exception.
    • Wearing a pumpkin now allows for a better signal
    • Permissions Support!
    • Tower Debug Mode Added!
    • Fixed the bug that caused an exception when the user did not specify the recipient or body of the text message
    • Fixed a iConomy bug that caused a text message to take all the user's money.
    • Now requires service to receive a message
    • Added iConomy Support for pay-per-text
    • Fixed bug not allowing spaces in text message body
    • Added various configuration options
    • Fixed user offline bug
    • Added Cell Phone Display
    • Required Cell Towers to send messages

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    • @Tagette - for the awesome plugin template
    • @Shamebot - for help fixing my tower roaming code
    • @superbomb17 - for his valuable testing and great server community.
    • @steaks4uce - for the banner and video editing
    • @Alexxondre - for the French translations

    Feel free to suggest things to add!
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    Missing something?
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    Yea, I pressed the wrong button before. It's all there now.
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    @instipod Please try and get the service working :) This will be a pretty cool plugin if it works.
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    @CainFoool Oh yes. That will be in the next release, later today, as well as a fix for the spaces in text messages.
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    @instipod I don't think the Permission's support would be needed in this plugin. Or would it?
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    This is just brilliant :)
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    @CainFoool I have rethought it and decided not to add it unless someone requests it. By the way, I updated it to v1.2 which requires the recipient to have service as well.

    @MetalMadness Thanks! Lets just hope it gets approved.
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    oh my lord this is epic.

    Pumpkin headsets would make me die laughing.
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    Perhaps wearing a pumpkin boosts the range?
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    I haven't looked at the code yet, but does it put the text messages in a backlog, until they are within range, to send? Or does it just not send at all if they don't have "service" or is it, they get a message that they have texts and they have to type in a command to read their messages?
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    This is a very interesting plugin you have here, it lends itself to a lot that could be added to it to make it more and more of an RP-server type of mod.

    For example:
    A player could invest money in building towers, each tower costing a certain amount of money to be made an active tower. From there, money could be invested into towers to upgrade them such as in an example setup below:
    • Level 1 tower:
      • Smallest effective radius
      • Poor underground/indoor reception
      • Highest chance to require maintenance
    • Level 2 tower:
      • Medium effective radius
      • Moderate underground/indoor reception
      • Moderate chance to require maintenance
    • Level 3 tower:
      • Largest effective radius
      • Perfect underground/indoor reception
      • Lowest chance to require maintenance
    Each part of this, though, is customizable from a properties file, of course. Such a file might look as such:

    Once a player or a group of players have 3 or more towers, they may join up to create a network for a fee, and an iconomy bank account for the owner(s) is created for the company.
    Properties (open)
    #Disabling levels means all towers work perfectly all the time
    #Level 1 settings
    #Level 2 settings
    #Level 3 settings


    Multiple companies could have competing service, charging different rates for messages, creating roaming agreements with other companies, and so on.

    This is a very exciting plugin to consider the possibilities for, and I would be willing to help these sorts of changes be implemented if you would like help with the plugin.

    Please let me know what you think, and contact me if you would like to work with me in adding more features to this plugin.
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    @NuclearW That sounds very interesting. Let me think about it. I will message you later.

    @feildmaster They are just denied right now, but a backlog is planned.

    @youanden Nope, the homepage says 953. 935 is for MC 1.6.6
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    @instipod : I am eager to see how this plugin develops. give me a PM if you ever want some help. ^^
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    I just have installed this plugin onto my server. If I get time tonight I will record a short video demonstrating it.
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    @CainFoool Thanks, there is a video right now, but it's not very good!
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    When I try /send
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    @CainFoool To use the /send command the correct usage is /send [username] [message] Where [] is a required parameter

    EDIT: It is fixed in 1.2.1
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    - Being able to set how far service would go.
    - If part of the "service tower" is broken, then all service in the area will be shut down.
    - A specific type of tower needed. Perhaps a 2x2x4 (L*W*H) tower.
    - No service underground.
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    @instipod Still not fixed lol.
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    If this had Permission support, I'm ALL over it!
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  26. Great plugin, gives me idea to add another rank like telecom engineer. also help inspire people to spread out more. guessing it'd be pretty impossible to send each other mms messages? like some how share screenshots?
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    @Kohle Permissions support is added!

    @Mikerman50 Not unless somebody makes a client mod for this plugin. (I'm not doing it :) )
  28. same for me, was looking forward to trying this out :(

    here is errors I receive

    2011-07-04 01:22:50 [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLAYER_COMMAND_PREPROCESS to CellMod
    at com.instipod.cellmod.TPlayerListener.getSignal(
    at com.instipod.cellmod.TPlayerListener.onPlayerCommandPreprocess(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.handleCommand(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.Packet3Chat.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.b(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:105)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(

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    You may want to consider using Register instead of iConomy 5 for the largest possible range of economy mods to be supported.
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    @Mikerman50 What command did you run? I cannot seem to get this on my server.

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