[CHAT] BukkitVote 0.71 (Permissions&Superperm) [1240]

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    BukkitVote - a very basic vote Plugin.


    For Informations, older download links, tickets etc... look at:​

    (download link will be kept up to date, discussions may go on)​
    Want BukkitVote in your own language?
    Look at Localization and send me your own localized version of BukkitVote!
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    Thanks for this awesome plugin. It have changed our life !!
    Is it compatible with Craftbukkit RB 733 ?
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    Yes it is compatible and yes I know you were afraid to ask for it, so I added it anyway.
    Now you can vote for storms and thunderstorms!

    It is a good day added a force vote command for admins. This command gives you the ability to use every command you're allowed to use without voting for it.
    In Permissions you have to enable it per bukkitvote.op.fvote without permissions you have to be op.
    If the command is enables you can use every /vote <command> you are allowed to with /fvote. And theres a small easteregg. Hint: Struck by lightning

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    Yeah so good !!
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    Just made a quick bug fixing update.
    There were problems with force vote and permanent changes (well they couldn't be deactivated).
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    Hey I want to switch from lightvote but my users are against this one.

    The reason is that in lightvote they can vote for daytime with a countdown. If nobody votes against daytime then daytime happens after the countdown. It's more of an opt in system I guess.
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    So you should make a marketing campaign for this plugin! Seriously do it!

    Ok perhaps you want more than this:
    This feature sounds nice but I cant promise it will be implemented in future releases. To my opinion If there is a countdown the exact opposite should happen!
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    I understand and respect you have a direction already. Thank you for getting back to me about this.
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    Looks like a great plugin! I have some questions, though:
    • When voting for a command, is it executed not only as op, but as Permissions "*"?
    • Could we vote for a server command, rather than an op chat command?
    • Could we vote for a collection of commands, separated by semicolons (or some other separator)?
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    Hi lets see if I understood you correctly.
    1. You dont have to be op to vote. You can use permissions plugin to select what can be voted on the server. If you havent installed Permissions everybody has the right to vote, though there are some commands only Ops can vote for. Those are marked in my first post.

    2. What do you mean by this? The list of commands you can vote for is in the first post. Currently there is no way to vote for commands from other plugins or default server commands, but I think I've covered the basic events to vote for.

    3. This isn't available at the current time, although I think the idea is strange, currently most votes exclude other commands (like day and night). But of course you can just vote multiple times.

    I hope I've answered your questions. To be true I don't think I really understood all of it. I'm sorry if this is the case, but english is not my native language
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    My mistake, I was under the impression that you could vote for a specific command to be executed on the server or an op chat command.
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    Suggestion: Maybe functionality for custom votes? E.g. (/vote custom questionhere; option1; option2;). Now that would be great!
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    I would suggest that being able to vote for commands should be an option, either op chat commands (which, if the vote succeeded, would be executed as an op with '*' permissions), player chat commands (temporarily gives the player who created the vote op status and '*' permissions, executes the command, and resets their permissions), or server commands (executed on the server if accepted).
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    Thanks I like both suggestions as the suggestion of firtvid20 is easy and makeable, i cant say if the suggestion of RobotGymnast is doable. I have to look if permissions supports such things, or find a workaround.
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    When you know more, please post - I'd be interested to find out.
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    can you add a vote to restart server?
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    Which bukkit version do you use? As you see this plugin works fine with the 740 build.
    As I'm not aware that there are any changes to the Bukkit API, it should also work with newer builds, but i can't guarantee it (haven't tested it witch 1.6 builds but the latest recommendet build should be fine)

    As you can see at the moment I dont have the time for adding new features to this plugin.
    As most plugin writers I'll do this in my freetime. As for me I have added most features, which I wanted to be in this plugin. @ RobotGymnast the main reason I wont do your suggestion is that both Craftbukkit and the Permissions addon are not final. Even to attempt such a plugin you would dig deep into both codes, which makes it more vulnerable for future code changes.

    This doesn't mean that I wont maintenance this plugin. I'll try to fix every bug you'll tell me and if there are changes to the api I'll adapt to them.

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    Can someone help me put this pluggin in? i have all the permissions in but it tells the players they do not have permissions to use that command.
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    please post your permissions config and which permissions and which bukkit you use
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    Works for me on #818
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    Works fine on #823.
    But could you maybe add /vote sunny, to "switch off" a storm?
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    Just vote again for storm.
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    ok this is pretty important actually, there need to be seperate commands for starting a vote and voting because I want to let only certain users start votes, but let all players participate in a vote

    there should be:
    /startvote <command>
    /vote yes
    /vote no
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    is this going to be updated to CB 860?
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    Doesn't it work with CB 860?

    I'm sorry I currently cant test it. We can't update our server to 1.6 it gives us a massive CPU load...
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    Okay I've tested it with CB 897, there was a minor bug when somebody got kicked from the server.
    Now it should work perfectly fine
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    Seems to work perfectly on 928. Thanks !! But please update the title :)
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    Does it work with 935?
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    It works fine with 935,953 and up to 977
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