[CHAT] bChatManager v1.1 - The chat manager designed for bPermissions [1337]

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    NO SUPPORT GIVEN HERE, USE http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/bchatmanager/ FOR SUPPORT
    What is bChatManager?

    bChatManager is a simple chat plugin designed for usage with bPermissions. In fact, it won't work without it YET. However I plan to implement other permissions systems in the future. bChatManager is also based of the PEX ChatManager, so I must give thanks to t3hk0d3 for coding PEX.
    How do I use it?

    Well, here is the config, I'll explain all the settings :)
    chat-range: 100.0 display-name-format: '%player' message-format: '%prefix %player: &f%message' ranged-mode: false alert-format: '&c[ALERT] &f%message' me-format: '* %player %message'
    • chat-range - sets the range people can hear you if ranged-mode is true
    • display-name-format - Format of a players display name
    • message-format - Format of a chat message.
    • ranged-mode - this mode means that only players in a certain range can hear you. If you need to send a global message in ranged-mode, you need to prefix your message with !, so for example !Your message here. This means every player will hear you.
    • alert-format - this allows you to send an alert to the players. Its supposed to be used as a way to alert them of news, not just chatting to the globally. It also has a use when ranged-mode is false. To use it, prefix your message with @, so it looks like @Message here.
    • me-format - this sets the formatting of /me
    Formatting Placeholders

    More to come soon!
    Permissions nodes!

    • bchatmanager.chat.global - allows you to use global chat in ranged mode
    • bchatmanager.chat.alert - allows you to make ALERT messages
    • bchatmanager.chat.color -allows you to color chat
    Todo list

    • add /me - DONE!
    • add messaging utilities
    • recode so its not using as much pex chatmanager stuff
    • iconomy enabled trade chat! (allows you to post an advert for a price)

    Latest version is v1.1
    You can find it at http:dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/bchatmanager/files/2-bchat-manager-v1-1/
    Source code!

    My github is at https:github.com/rymate1234/ChatManager. Feel free to fork me :p

    Version 1
    • Releasing my awesome plugin
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    Nice - glad to see you figured out the bPermissions API :) not too hard once you know where to look eh?
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    would you like to help with chatter?
    nobody in my team realy knows anything about bPerms (we have a team of 2 people right now :p)
    and you don't have to reinvent the weel :)
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    well if you want you can look in the source :)
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    chat-range: 100.0
    display-name-format: '%prefix%player%suffix'
    message-format: '%prefix %player: &f%message'
    ranged-mode: false
    alert-format: '&c[ALERT] &f%message'
    Make your config example a little like ^ kind of confusing when its all bunched together.
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    Updated to v1.1!

    This adds a formattable /me command \o/
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    I am very tempted to report that for advertising xD :pdd
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    Could you add an Extra economy-chat for people trading ? With command ( for example /tradechat) and permissions ( bchat.tradechat.use ) please :D

    Would be nice :)
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    Is there a node for allowing users to chat? If my players aren't OP they cant say anything.
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    if i am a owner of a surver does this plugin make it say owner next to my name when i chat?

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