[CHAT/ADMN/WEB] Runner v1.0.1 - Web Console Commands and Remote Chat[1060]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by AJCStriker, Jul 22, 2011.

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    I keep getting this error:
    Everything works still fine though. Maybe you can find out, what the problem is.
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    OK, plan of action for this week. Countercraft is being a time drain, sorry.

    1. Update all Runner functions to latest bukkit. Possible rewrite.
    2. Possibly integrate a spout interface. Probably not.
    3. Move to BukkitDev.
    4. Create a configurable server side message.
  4. It only works in 1060 and 1185.
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    I have decided to postpone any update until bukkit has an RB for 1.0.0
    The whole process is looking more and more like a rewrite.
  6. Actually, runner works fine with 1337+. Just gives an error on load and doesn't give that misspelled "Runner activaated" message. You chat still chat through it.
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    I successfully installed everything but when I want to select a world there is only "world".
    When I want to send a command or switch to day or night, it doesn't work ! It says nothing ! (I can chat, ping, and see who's connected but that's all).
    What's wrong ?
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    So this is because the weather and time commands require a world. At the moment, client side world selection is not possible. I will update this on RB and when I have the time. I am glad to hear the install worked though. For now the only fix for this is to rename your world file to World. Its coming soon though.
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    Ok, thanks for yor answer...
    I can't send any command by the webmode actually. Is it normal ?
    And when someone connect on my server I don't get it on google Talk. I only get the chat.
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    The onConnect thing i will have to look at. The command sender is broken for web chat by API changes. Again all this should be fixed, when i get the time to update it. At the moment I have two huge spout projects, so I will get round to it as soon as there is a bukkit RB and I have a second.
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    have you updated the plugin to the latest release because when i start it, it says that there was an error opening the plugin and to check if it is up to date. thanks for your time!
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    No sorry. I am updating this plugin today. It appears to be a bit of a task seeing as the API has changed so much.
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    i use windows and its a .jar file so its not a program what i open it with???
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    @nadimking If you have java installed and double click it, it should run...

    However I cannot find time to give this plugin the rewrite it deserves. I am sorry.
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    HI can you link this phpbb forums so when they sign up they get promoted?
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    Dont have support for google Apps!, Anyway to make it work for my custom gmail address? like [email protected]

    The problem is the client Gooey.jar dont accept the google apps accounts, but the server accept, i'm seeing what people type on google talk, thats cool, but are missing some basic commands like list or ban

    other problem i got the error cant run/load this plugin with message: Is updated? something like this.

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    it doesnt work -_-
    I did EVERYTHING correct, password, config, emails, jars, blah, blah, blah, HELP NOW OR ASAP BUT IN THAT CASE ITS LIKE NOW D:
    I just really dont know what i did wrong and i kknow this is important to me! plus i cant even log in to gooey or whatev
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    On config file on server you put the @gmail.com?
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    nexbr, I can see why that is happening, I do have a weekend free, so ill look into a recode.
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    Ok thanks.
    Replay this when you got some news, plz ;)
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    nexbr, recode in progress, will be done in a couple of hours. Will be github and maven, if you could provide a bug and feature list it would help me a lot :d
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    ok, what you can do is make your gooey.jar work with a ordinary e-mail, if is google apps the "guy" use [email protected] or if is a gmail user so need work with [email protected], that's is the easy part.

    1º The Chat by google talk are returning some "unknow" characters, make a text filter for that.
    2º make support to commands, like /kick joe or /ban joe or !list something like that; you can use a delimiter like !command or .command or /command, i make one sometime ago like 2 years with php and was a msn chat, you just need code a command handler.
    3º (Not essential but...) if you can retrieve a list with all the commands and use this as a command list on the start of the application like: start of the craftbukkit save all available commands to a txt or the runner memory, then you can process all the commands by a command handler, then your app with be the best of the best!; if possible remove the name like Internet Chat: joe : bla bla bla, people on minecraft don't need know my name right? i'm a server owner that is what is important, just replace (With possible) the Internet chat: name : text by something sorter and without identification, like Internet Chat: text or Remote Chat, or just, like the rcon Server: Text or Server [GT]: Text or iServer: Text or gServer: text.

    Your plugin have a great potential but you need use this potential, make one new jar with all this features/resources and people will love you ;)
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    nexbr, I am a bit confused about the commands. There is already a full command handler in place that can process any command setup on the server, some that require worlds still need implementation, but other than that they are set.

    1 can you give me an example of an unknown character, send me a screenshot.

    3. I am adding a system whereby there is an admin list and a user list and an open channel mode. This will basically allow you to have people that can use Gooey and commands, people that can talk and the option for anyone to talk. I may also add app engine so that an AJAX message box may be possible.
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    well just clean the user name, remove all the addons ""trash"" on the texts like this one: (in pt-br) but it is the simple one, before, like 5 days ago I removed some texts, but still are things like f§ or c§ or d§ or §f like this screenshot: http://imageshack.us/f/406/capturarik.png/ , you don't need exactly put an ajax box on Google talk, just the commands handler like !help or /help or .help then I get all the commands, but don't show to the ordinary users.
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    When we will get a fresh release with all the new features? :D
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    Keep getting side tracked, should be done soon :D
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    I dont know if im doing something wrong. check the ymal and everything but it says it might not be up to date. well the problem im having is it works for about 4 min. then it spams the chats like crazy. restarts the server then no longer works. i checks all the code u have posted and in the code it says for rb 3. but i downloaded the one in the CUrrent download. any ideas?
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    race41989 A couple of people seem to be having a problem at the four minute mark, I will try and fix it ASAP

    race41989 Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce the error, as this shows
    15:13:15 [INFO] Called message listener
    15:13:15 [INFO] [Runner Internet Chat] [email protected] : test
    17:12:53 [INFO] Called message listener
    17:12:53 [INFO] [Runner Internet Chat] [email protected] : hello

    This is a debug version and the times show a significant gap wherein the chat was still working. As such I do not understand why that bug has occurred. Could you provide the number of messages, or the message that caused it. I have a suspicion WHAT is recurring but I don't know why.

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