Inactive [CHAT/ADMN] Chat Clearer v0.4 - Clear the chat of anything you don't want! [1.2.5-R5.0]

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    There is a page on bukkitdev for this plugin, I recommend you check it out here:


    This is a very simple plugin to use, just type in /cc and the chat will be cleared of any messages. The plugin does this very simply by entering a blank message multiple times.

    There is also an option to show who cleared the chat after it is cleared. To use that, do /cca. It then clears the chat and says "<name> cleared chat"


    If there is a rage war, lots of swearing or anything like that you can 'remove' the messages from chat. Be careful though, as people who are trying to talk or trade might be 'drowned out'.


    The default clear command: /cc
    permission: chatclearer.clear

    Announces who cleared the chat: /cca
    permission: chatclearer.announce


    You don't want just anyone using this command, so it has the permission node:


    This should support anything that supports BukkitPerms


    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>


    Allow setting of custom message from config file
    Allow setting of custom message from chat when you enter the command
    Add more Features


    Displays usage information every time a command is sent.


    v0.4 - Recoded and redesigned - Added a new command and updated to cover new chat system.

    v0.3 - PermissionsEX Support

    v0.2.2 - CB #1185

    v0.2.1 - CB #1060

    v0.2 - Changed the message to a blank message

    v0.1 - Initial Release


    Video courtesy of jaydenbadboii:
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    aah fail :p
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    Yeah, Did you think that this plugin was a mod?
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    There is a problem I can't use the command when I do bukkit says it leaks tears. I am op and i have * for my permissions also I can't use the command from console :/ I use PEX
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    Oh, I seem to get that too. Odd, I shall fix it soon
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    How soon?
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    Quite soon
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    May I come with a suggestion?

    Can you add another command. Nothing fancy, just like this:

    /cc <reason>

    And the reason would pop up on the empty chatbox.



    Instead of the name <0adam4> Spam, it would just be:

    Chatbox cleared because: Spam
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    Not working in GroupManager (Essentials) eighter, just getting errors when adding the permission to the list :/
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    Hi JamEngulfer221!

    I've a suggestion:

    You could send the "clearmessage" to each player! Not broadcast it, so in the console isn't the space.
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    Yeah, I noticed that. For some reason Bukkit changed the way the message code works. Before, it didn't put it into the console, so I don't know what's going wrong there.
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    This plugin sucks.
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    Your pathetic.
    You only say this because its similar to your old plugin that you abandoned because other people made ones that do the same job but people used them instead because you tried to make people pay for yours.

    Go die in a whole you filthy rodent, this plugins as good as any other.
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    ZeroxBrony the people could say me beautifully that i can't sell plugins to people. But they didn't. They started to swear me and other things like that. Everybody who did that sucks, and me gonna die?
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    love this plugin it always comes in handy when advertisers come into the server
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    Quick tip: Grow up.

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