charge's money for placing things

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    I know a little about coding but i got this request from my server admin and told him i was going to have to pass this one to someone else..

    basicly what i need is a mod so you type a command like blockplace
    it will spawn in the block and place it where he is looking.
    it then records the location
    the block can not be broken or moved in tell he uses
    the command block remove
    then it destroys the block so they can not pick it up
    and removs there location from the log.
    also it needs to charge him when he places it using iConomy

    If there is a plugin like this i would love someone to point me in the direction..

    I also have one more big thing to ask for... i also will need the source code because i will have to translate some of the ids. I WILL STILL LEAVE YOU AS THE CREATOR of the mod
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    As much as I would love to help, I'm pretty sure this is going to violate something in the terms of use of either Bukkit or Minecraft... Well, maybe not Bukkit.

    Sorry, I didn't know iConomy was an in-game currency system mod. Nevermind. (I thought you wanted to charge real money)

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    So does that mean you will make it?
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    It's possible to do, so u want a player to be charged on block place and the block to disapear with no refund when broken?

    EDIT: and the block to be protected
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    yes and write the cords on a text file and erase it when it takes the block away

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