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    Like Man Vs Machine from Team Fortress 2, but with NPCs.

    Here is how it will go:

    To make a clone spawn, place down a block and place a sign on it. Put this on the sign:


    The second line is how many clones it will spawn. The third line will set the interval of the clone spawning. (e.g. if you put "5" on the third line, clones will spawn every 5 seconds.)

    Clones will appear with an iron helmet to prevent confusion between real players and clones. The clones will spawn randomly with player skins. The real player must be on for the clone to spawn with that player's skin. If there are no player's on the server, the clones will spawn with steve skins.

    Every 10 minutes, the clones will despawn to reduce lag.

    If you have confusion with this plugin, please comment below. Please make this ASAP!

    New information:

    Clones will NOT hostile towards other clones, but will be hostile towards players.

    For the sign:


    The forth line is the tool that the clone will spawn with. If you set the forth line to a wooden_sword, then the clone will spawn with a wooden sword. If you do not want clones to spawn with tools, then just leave the forth line blank.

    Clones will no longer spawn with a Steve skin if no player is online. Instead clones will NOT spawn if there are 0 players online.

    Clones will wander around aimlessly until a player is close enough for the clone to attack. If a player is killed by a clone, a unique death message will appear:

    "%player% has been killed off by Clone"

    It does not matter what clone kills the player. The death message will always end with the word Clone.

    Default Configuration File:

    Spawn Clones: true
    Clone Speed: 5
    Clone Damage: 4
    Enable Clone Flying: false
    Despawn Interval: 10 minutes

    Death message: "%player% has been killed off by Clone."
    Enable death message: true


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  2. please, edit the long 'New Information' part to the original post, and please wait 24 hours before bumping, thank you =)
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    Citizens 2 + Sentry. Search them on
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    Then how do I make the NPC's spawn without me having to make all of them?
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    Wouldn't you only have to basically do it once per map or whatever and then they respawn automatically so you would only have to do it once.
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    It's like MVM from TF2, so in order for the clome to be in large numbers (lets say 10), I would have to make the clones 10 times.
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    ^w^Nick^w^ But you would only have to do it once and then any other time they just auto-respawn
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    But if I wanted to have 10 clones spawn, I would have to make them TEN times
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