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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by veyronity, May 12, 2024.

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    Currently I use TownyChat to manage my channels, such as global - local - nation - town etc., but I am in need of other channels. I am aware I could just add them to TownyChat config, it's not ideal since TownyChat was mainly written for placeholders to be used in other Chat plugins.

    • Ability to join and leave channels - /ch join|leave
    • Upon logging, notify what channel you're speaking in, and what others you're (reading) in
    • Ability to configure each channel, such as; tag / name / cooldown / permission needed
    • Overall a nice appealing look to it, instead of TownyChat's plain white messages
    • if you lose permission to a channel, automatically leave that and join the default channel (global for example) for you
    • Easy to add new channels
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    Hey, if you still need this, just some clarifications (I'm not that familiar with TownyChat):
    - can a player listen to more than one channel? If yes, do you want a different subcommand for only listening?
    - what permissions plugin do you use? Spigot does not have events for permission change but permissions plugins usually have that
    - do you want channels to be config only or do you want to add/edit/remove them with commands?
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    Using TownyChat for chats like global and local, but need more. I know I can add to TownyChat, but it's not perfect for what I need since it's meant for placeholders with other plugins. Anyone got a workaround or a better plugin suggestion?
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