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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by Ribesg, Feb 28, 2013.

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  1. Hello !

    Is there any chance I can modify the link to a plugin on BukkitDev ?
    I'm doing a massive rewrite of everything, and I will rename my plugins.
    I already renamed N3W_TheEndAgain to TheEndAgain and the link remains

    I don't need it right now but I wonder if it would be possible or if I have to delete/recreate the project.

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    If you want the link changed (the part after server-mods is called the 'slug' of the project) you can use the report button to request a change. If there are no conflicts, we can usually make the change for you pretty quickly.
  3. Awesome :) Thank you.

    Sorry but 20 minutes later, I'm still not able to find any Report button on BukkitDev :-/
    Where is it ?

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    Ribesg check the bottom right corner of any page for a little triangle with a !
  5. I saw it just before receiving a Bukkit Alert...
    Thank you anyway !
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  6. Remember that all hotlinks made for your plugin would stop working :) 364 results on google if you search for
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  7. I did this, he who shall not be named turned it down. 0.0
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  9. Yeah but I think it will not stay like that forever :)
    Or maybe it will stay until someone takes the name... So, forever ! :-P
  10. Now that's good fucking news. Thank you :)
  11. It seems to be buggy. Just look at My Plugins list ! :confused:
  12. Bump on this, there is a bug with Profile Pages. It says I have 7 plugins, old & new names are both in the list !
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