Filled Chance to add lore to crafted items

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  1. Greetings everyone,

    I've been using this plugin for a few days now, and I must admit that it looks pretty awesome.


    What the plugin basicly does is that it scans items for lore containing +x damage/health/... and grants the stat to the user.

    Great so - what do you want us to make?

    I'm looking for a plugin, which gives players a chance to obtain an item with a random lore upon crafted.

    Lets say that player x crafts a diamond chestplate. He then has a 10% chance to get a chestplate with the lore +10 damage added to the item.

    Would this be easy and possible to make?

    Thank you very much!

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    Im in the works of making a plugin like this right now just to give ya heads up may take a few days because adding a wide selection also making lore configurable aswell as names
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  3. Thanks a lot for your fast and great answer :) I'm looking forward to test your plugin. Please do leave a message in this thread, once it is complete. I do own a server atm - so if you need a tester, then I'd like to try it out.
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    small demo so far
  5. I can't get my hands down... wonderful work and thanks a lot!
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    0.1.30 is now available for Download and testing it out =) *this is a general note for all hehe*
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