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    Category : Misc/Goals/Missions

    Suggested Name : RewardChallenges

    What I Want : Well I've seen a few similar plugins but none of them seem to exactly suit my needs and wants so basically -
    - Plugin which has a set of challenges to complete under different categories.(I'm thinking of FPS games such as Black Ops except Minecraft style)

    - The set of challenges are displayed via a command to the player from the chat

    - Challenges would include stuff like "Kill X amount of Y to receive Z", "Kill 100 Creepers to receive this special sword and some money", "Mine 500 Emeralds and receive bonus XP"

    - Rewards like swords would need customisable lores, names, enchants.

    - Different tiers for these challenges, Tier 1, Craft 100 Gold Blocks, Tier 2 Craft 125 gold blocks.

    - Players gets a message when completing a challenge or tier of challenges.

    - Customisable Config for these settings

    Ideas for permissions and commands :

    - rewardc.receivereward.-
    Stuff along these lines



    Timeframe : Whenever, no rush if this is possible :)
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    Why don't you try out Quests?
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