Centos 6 Server Admins... Lend me your ear!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by HighlifeTTU, Jun 27, 2012.

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    I just moved from one box (Centos 5.6) to a new box (Centos 6.0). The new box is faster, and all settings are pretty much the same down to the same version of Java, same command line to start the server, and so on.

    However, the server seems to be experiencing some weird latency issues. The tick rate is near 100% at all times, but there is a noticable hiccup in how people move. On the previous box, players were smooth in their movement. On the new one, they seem to "jump" a bit every couple of seconds.

    Now I'm working with my host on the issue to ensure it is nothing hardware related, but the only other thing different besides the hardware is moving from Centos 5.6 to Centos 6. Are there any major server operators on here that run on Centos 6 (Major being 100+ players)? Any tweaks you needed to make at the O/S level or was it fine out of the box? I was convinced to move to Centos 6 since it should have better optimization for the hardware I'm using (1280V2). But, alas, its just not working right.

    Other details:

    • I have tried tuning the network settings
    • I have tried modifying the java parameters to base (even though the last parameters worked fine).
    • I have tried enabling higher priority to the java PIDs.
    • I have ripped all my hair out.
    Thank you in advance. Really what I'm looking for is "I run Centos 6 with zero issues" or "I had to do this to get it running smooth" from some of the larger server operators. If no one has had issues, I can keep putting pressure on my host to determine the hardware issue.

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