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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by viper2g1, Mar 29, 2012.

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    So I setup a new Minecraft server using CentOS. I migrated from ubuntu because it seemed that ubuntu was going into power save mode and disabling the network connection as I couldn't connect to the server half the time. I troubleshooted that to no avial.

    I setup CentoOS 6.2 using a ramdisk and the common script out there for autosaves using cron. The server runs PERFECTLY it is fast and beautiful.

    My problem is: The system fan (CPU) is always at the highest speed which is rather noisy. I used the "top" command to see that the load on the CPU was actually less than 5% yet it was at 100% fan speed. How can I fix this using NO GUI? I am command line only and tried lm_sensors and the command sensors and other stuff but I can't get the system to fix this. If noone is able to suggest anything I will probably migrate to another OS. I heard the new windows server is good but I like how linux provides near zero lag or system messages.

    Hope you all can help me :) Thanks!

    I have an AMD x4 CPU at about 2.8Ghz (Dont remember which one)
    8GB of ram
    500GB Hdd
    Some old vid card

    Thanks again!
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    "/usr/sbin/fancontrol" is what I have used in the past and it worked well, and it is part of the lm_sensors pack - check " /usr/share/doc/lm_sensors-<version>/doc/fancontrol.txt" for documentation on how to use it.
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    Thanks, Ill give that a shot!
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