CB619 - Made Server a singleton, Implemented ebeans, Added mysql dep

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Rhythmatic, Apr 1, 2011.

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    Anyone have any idea what the hell this means? 620 also has some similar changes mentioned. I'm not too keen on being forced to use a mysql database, especially when that uses system resources that I'd rather allocate to the actual craftbukkit.jar.

    EDIT: They added a database to craftbukkit. It's going to allow them to have persistence in the jarfile, which will be used to support native permissions.
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    you will NEVER be forced to use a MySQL database. However, for some plugins, its suggested since the IO is alot better performance wise.
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    I tend to assume as much, and I'm not about to take up arms over this matter, but this is still a VERY curious subject. I'd love more details from anyone who happens to be "in the know".
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    Nick Stevens

    I'm highly curious about this as well.
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    Bump with clarification and for more info. I'm curious about more than just the mention of MySQL.
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    Wow. They could do with explaining some of this stuff, because I don't know anyone who fully understands what these changes mean. I personally thought it was some kind of April fools joke, just putting in random words...
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    I'm also curious why the size of the JAR jumped to 7MB.
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    It did!? Whoa!
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    The heck!?
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    Just got on the IRC and had a short chat with lukegb and EvilSeph. Below is a cleaned up chatlog, explaining everything.
    17:23 < kingpin> Hey, I had a question about craftbukkit 619+. It seems that the
                     file size has jumped up almost 6 MB, yet there's only a rather
                     cryptic explanation of what has been changed.
    17:23 <@lukegb> We added avaje.
    17:23 <@lukegb> END.
    17:23 < kingpin> what does that mean?
    17:23 <@lukegb> ORM.
    17:23 <@lukegb> i.e. persistence.
    17:24 <@Grum> kingpin: its below 100gb, no whinies!
    17:24 < kingpin> What persists, now?
    17:24 < Polah> Oh
    17:24 < Polah> I didn't even notice the size jump
    17:24 < Polah> This is why everyone should wget via SSH through their server (:
    17:25 < dashkal> Persistance is in?  Perms soon?
    17:25 < Polah> Okay, so what does persistence actually do?
    17:25 < kingpin> lukegb, I'm somewhere between a layman and a server admin. Is
                     there a simple way to explain what the effective difference
                     between the persistence-enabled avaje version and the versions
                     beforehand is?
    17:25 < luckz> it increases the .jar size
    17:26 <@lukegb> ^
    17:26 < yottabyte> Stores data when server is offline, enables stuff like groups
    17:26 < Rigby> Allows plugins to have data persist :P
    17:26 <@lukegb> yottabyte: sssssssh
    17:26 < Polah> I see
    17:26 < Rigby> heh
    17:26 < yottabyte> lukegb: :o
    17:26 < kingpin> Neato.
    17:26 < yottabyte> How's fill coming along btw? ;)
    17:26 < Polah> So when permissions comes out as part of CB I don't have to worry
                   about GroupManager/Permissions?
    17:26 < Polah> Or will it be able to work alongside it?
    17:27 < yottabyte> Polah: Bukkit will hopefully have built-in groups and stuff
                       like that
    17:27 < Polah> yeah that
    17:29 < kingpin> well, alright. Thanks for the info guys. Good to know it's not
                     something magico-mysterious.
    17:29 < kingpin> Can't have any witchcraft in my server. ;)
    17:29 < dashkal> Far too late for that
    17:30 < dashkal> net.minecraft.server is nothing BUT witchcraft
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