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    Plugin category: idk

    Suggested names: MH, Money for Heal

    What i want:
    It's like heal but now can everyone use it:D. but it costs:eek:.
    Its like heal point i requested(Click here for heal point) but if it is no heal points near you and you are nearly dead and you is being attacked by zombies or that and cant fight. Then it is perfect to heal yourself with money.

    I think you know me right now i mean like you can use vault that uses other economys (chats and permissions)

    /heal (Player) - Heal yourself or a another player for money.
    /MH setfee [Money] - Set the money of how much it cost to heal
    /Adminheal (Player) - With permission you can heal yourself or others free

    mh.fee.set - Allows you to use the command /MH setfee - Allows you to use the command /Adminheal

    When id like it by:
    I dont mind like heal point but somewhere in september
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