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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Klausar, Mar 16, 2014.

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    Hello, my request is simple. I'd like a plugin where carpet is placed on stairs like in the following video when placing it on stairs:

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    That is not possible with bukkit.

    Edit: video wasn't loading, only saw the thumbnail. Now that it is loading I see how it works, and that it is possible.
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    That's really cool. I'd love to see that plugin to be made. I wish I could make it but sorry i can't.
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    Anyone willing to do it?
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    It's impossible. It was probably done with the new 3D modeling feature. The textures of blocks and shapes of blocks (with the new update) is determined client side. A plugin can't do anything like this.
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    Did you even watch the video? It spawns wool entities in the stairs. This was made in vanilla, so it's 100% possible in bukkit.
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    Oh, I didn't watch the whole thing. Well if it's spawning the wool in the stairs, falling sand with no vectors I'm assuming, then it would need direct coordinates and be impossible to do unless you gave coordinates.
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    You could check for the block's location since you're right clicking the stairs with a carpet block to place it.
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    Yea, you can just do this with red wool and carpet.
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    Klausar The video is not loading.
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    It uses falling sand entities, riding an item frame that causes them to have a small offset, so you can see the wool blocks and carpet instead of the stairs.
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    I'll look into this, have a big plugin request list going but this shouldn't be that hard if it all goes to plan.
    How would you like the plugin to know you want to place these blocks/stairs?
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    I think if it is possible for you the plugin should know it whenever you rightclick a stair with a carpet.
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    Any news on this?
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