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    I have been in need of a cards plugin, I will pay a small sum (probably about 20 bucks through paypal) for someone to develop a plugin in which:
    -I can deal a specific # of cards from a deck that everyone can see, and deal more out as many times as the deck allows (52 cards).
    -I can deal cards to a person (or multiple persons) in which only the person specified can see (from the same deck as above).
    -People who have been dealt cards can fold their hand, and a command to simply show their hand. (no fold afterwards unless they send the fold command through chat)
    -The ability to shuffle the deck in a fair and well method.
    (Note I am asking for this to all be done in the chat, no signs or anything tough)
    -A simple 2 permissions system that allows only the holder of the "dealer" permission to deal cards, and the holder of "player" node to be able to use commands like fold, show etc.

    Reply here if you have a desire to work on this with me, If you are capable of doing a plugin like this, and are willing to get it done in under a week, PM me on bukkit and I will send you my email address so we can be in further contact.

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    I suggest trying the plugin in my signature. It's old, but I believe it makes use of no Bukkit stuff that's been changed since its release. If it works, then you'll get pretty much everything on your list. The cards in my plugin can:
    - Deal cards either to everyone (ie, to the "center") and let people review the cards in the center whenever they want
    - Deal cards to a single person (and allow that person to see their cards whenever)
    - Show the cards of a single player to other players upon that player typing a command
    - Reset the entire deck (and take back all cards) through a shuffle command (cards will be dealt differently upon each reset)
    - Make use of a very specific permission system (each command is set using a different permission)

    Plus, through its configuration you can choose to deal cards only to nearby players (by selecting a radius), as well as use dice and flip coins. The card commands get a tiny bit complex, but this is so every player can have their own unique "deck" to deal from, and so that players can be in multiple games at once if they wish to do so.

    Unfortunately, if this isn't for you, or if it doesn't work, there's nothing I can do. I don't have much time for plugin development anymore, and, even if I did, my computer containing those files crashed, and it would be incredibly time consuming to set up another Bukkit development setup and figure out the best way to put the plugin back together.

    Okay, I just tested it and everything works as expected. You should have no trouble using this with the latest version of Bukkit.

    To Other Plugin Developers: (in case my plugin isn't enough for the OP) My plugin's thread DOES have a link to the source, so if you don't want to reinvent the wheel (regardless of how simple a card class is) feel free (and please do) use Jackpot as a starting point.
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    Wow, Thanks alot, saved me some money!
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    No problem. Happy to help.

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