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    Plugin category: RP, Fun, Maybe Anti-Grief

    Suggested name: Territory Capture

    What I want: For some odd reason no one has done this before, I do not know if it is because it is not impossible, but it would be nice if it could be done. Anyhow, what I am asking for is a plugin that uses WorldGuard regions, and you can pvp to capture them. Something to make it a flag, or an external plugin that just uses the region. Also with capture signs someone could click it to capture the pre-set territory. The territory could/would protect the chests, wooden doors, dispenser, trap-door, workbench, furnace, and diodes (configurable?). Also you could set the teams or allow others to join their own teams, or use some other plugin to help with teams (such as factions, towny, ect.)

    Ideas for commands: Something like this: If region A1 was a worldguard region, then the command "/territory A1 create" then "/admin territory A1 outpost blue" will make region A1 into a outpost region for team blue. Also something like "/admin territory A1 capturesign" and right clicking on a sign will make it into a capture sign. Or just use the flag command for WorldGuard (not sure how it works)

    Ideas for permissions: A permission to capture a region, set a region, and maybe to see a region?

    When I'd like it by: A month?
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    Follow the Guide to request plugins. If you are requesting what I think you are . This sounds like a fun plugin to create
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    Thanks, I edited it as well! :D
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    The only thing you did was copy paste your OP and paste it in the what I want lol and add a little here and there xD That helps nothing at all xD What I meant was for you to describe as much as you can.
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    Oh! Alright, I fixed it.

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