Can't keep up messages yet no issues...

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Bakuhatsu, Sep 20, 2011.

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    I at first thought this was related to xp orbs dropping but it can even happen when people doesn't even die. But I can get periods of heavy "[WARNING] Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded?" spamming, when there is tons of free cpu, tons of free ram and almost no hdd load.

    And there is no performance loss server wise, it doesn't lag up anything extra for the players. It's just mainly annoying to see.

    So.. it's kinda weird that it starts to say it can't keep up while there is no difference at all for the players. And the cause is not a plugin, no.
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    I too am having this problem, its a little better in the last few builds, but doesnt make sense. watching iotop, htop, dstat, vmstat, I show nothing that would indicate a drop in performance, yet those messages are starting to become more frequent.

    some times with 50 people, none what so ever, other times with 30, its spammin the console. Beginning to think I might have some corrupted chunks or something.,

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    Usually the more it spams it, the more lag you'll experience in game.
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    id rather address the problem, then hide it :)
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    This is likely due to buggy EXP orbs somewhere, which don't lag the whole server, but they do lag the area at which they are, and that could very well cause quickly repeated "Can't keep up" errors. There are a few plugins which remove EXP Orbs if they are glitchy, my version works pretty well:
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    @pyraetos Which CB build is this tested with?
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    Michael Briggs

    I've actually narrowed a cause down to latency. Using a bash script I wrote, I monitor network traffic during a period where they start showing up for no reason, and notice usually one player with a very high RTT on tcp traffic. If I /kick them temporarily the messages stop (and so does any server lag players were experiencing). As soon as they rejoin it starts up again. I doubt this is the only cause, Just a thought.
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