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Discussion in 'General Help' started by Markyroson, May 17, 2015.

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    I keep getting this error when trying to add a user to my server's whitelist.

    17.05 18:07:18 [Server] INFO [18:07:18 INFO]: Could not add NAME_OF_USER to the whitelist

    Any ideas what might be causing this and how to fix it?
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    @Markyroson is it handled by another plugin, what is the command used, what version is your server on?
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    1.8.3 but works fine with everyone but the person in question. It is weird
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    @Markyroson is it handled byz an external plugin? What is the ommand you used?
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    No plugins are managing it, it is straight bukkit managing it.
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    I tried with both the player and console but unfortunately got the same error both ways.
    From player I used the command /whitelist add Kawari_Kisaki

    From the console I used whitelist add Kawari_Kisaki
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    @Markyroson oh thats an odd behavior then :3 never faced anything alike :- ( try reseting your whitelist.json file.
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    Neither have I haha. How do I reset the whitelist.JSON file? It is weird, my list has WAY more than one player yet it just lists one when I do whitelist lsit from the console and then the next line says this:
    There are 1 (out of 19 seen) whitelisted players
    What is that supposed to mean and how do I see the others?
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    Are you sure your using the correct username? For example: /whitelist add LegoAidenV ??
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    Yes I am. Besides, it would add theoretically anything that you told it to. I have never run into that error before.

    @mine-care @LegoIsBae And OF COURSE, it works now. It didn't before and did come up with that error but I tried it again (this time while I had the whitelist off) and it worked. That is very strange. That error seems to have magically disappeared.

    However, there is still the issue present where it only shows now two (as I was able to add that player) players out of 19 on the whitelist, I am confused as to what that issue is.

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