can someone make me premissionsex pre-made files plz

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by rpierce1373, Oct 7, 2013.

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    hey im making a server and im really bad at permissions and was hoping that someone could make me some permissions for the plugin premissionsex. the plugins i have now are, citizens, craftbook, easytitiles, essentials, iconomy, mcjobs, modifiyworld, mulitverse-core, permissionsex, pluginmetrics, quickshop, safecreeper, towny, worldedit, worldguard. so there are my plugins so if someone could plz make me some permissions i would be so happy :D. thanks so much.
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    Just a tip, whilst I'm not sure about the other plugins, iConomy has been abandoned for somewhere around a year now, and it's very buggy and has some fairly large issues.

    On the topic note, Essentials has 100s of commands, including admin commands (ban, kick, etc.) We do not know at all what commands you want for users to have, so we can't know what to add. It isn't hard to learn permissions, however, since you can use /pex group <name> create, and /pex group <name> add perm.ission, followed by /pex user <user> group set <name>, and an optional /pex group <name> prefix <prefix>. You should be able to set the permissions how you like with a couple minutes of searching through the documentation.
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