Can someone make a Clash of clans plugin for my server?

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by sergant12345, Nov 9, 2014.

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    Plugin category: Games

    Suggested name: COC

    What I want: I want mortars,cannons,archer towers configured so they shoot zombies skeletons and all the other mobs. and tell me your ign and join the server ( and ill show you the cannons archer towers and so on. Can you make a side bar that tells you how much elixir, gold ,gems, and dark elixir. when you create a bas make it so you have 1 lvl 1 barrack - 1 lvl 1 army camp - 1 lvl 1 town hall - and 1 cannon lvl 1 - 5,000 gold and elixir and please make it so i can change the prices to stuff in config. zombies as barbarians skeletons as archers iron golems with less health as giants wall breaker as creeper so it runs into wall and explodes.
    make zombies and skeletons attack archer towers and all the other buildings so at a certain number of seconds the building disappear and when the attack is done everything is back to normal. and you can steal peoples gold and elixir. make a trophy system so when you win you get 15 trophies and you start out with 20 trophies. And if you help me you can be my server dev!
    CannonArcher TowerMortarAir DefenseWizard TowerHidden TeslaX-BowInferno TowerWalls • Gold MineElixir CollectorDark Elixir DrillGold StorageElixir StorageDark Elixir StorageBuilder's Hut • Army CampBarracksDark BarracksLaboratorySpell FactoryBarbarian King AltarArcher Queen Altar • Town HallClan CastleDecorationsObstacles

    Ideas for commands: ok sohere are my commands

    /coc buy (Buy stuff)
    /coc upgrade (buildings)
    /coc clan create (40,000 gold)
    /coc clan invite (invite people to your clan)
    /coc clan kick (kick people from clan)
    /coc attack (attack someones base)
    /coc base (go to your base)
    /coc base create (Create base)

    Ideas for permissions: coc.base coc.create.base coc.upgrade coc.clan.create coc.clan.invite coc.clan.kick coc.attack
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    Your best bet would be to hire a developer. Usually big plugin request similar to this one, will not get done due to the amount of time it will take to do.
  3. I can start with making it! It gonna take a lot of time but i want to spend some time. Don't think that i'am tomorrow here with your plugin!
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  5. christophe6 It will be released on bukkit (if you go through with it) for the public, right?
  6. Yes its for public
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    Fuzzybear04, I wanna see your buildings :)
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