Can someone check my work?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by ladylady1, Feb 23, 2015.

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    Hey, I'm a noob with java still fairly new but I've been working on it for awhile. I made this plugin so when someone tries to TPO they are killed instead, Unless they possess the permission I have in the code then it actually TP's it to them.

    Here's the code, hopefully I did well.

    Thanks and best Regards
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    1. check this out first if you are new. Your plugin WON'T work with this setup
    2. you should test it before you post something here.
    3. check if args[] is filled before getting the value at index 0
    4. you if statement is to late for the player he is already killed before tping. I recommed an if then else statement.
    5. check if target is not null
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    @guitargun you dont have to add a main method while doing plugins! (public static void main(String[] args))
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    I know I edited that part out.
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    Don't override methods when it isn't necessary. Don't add enable and disable messages. Check array lengths before using a value in one. Don't blindly cast without checking.
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    I have this now but it just seems to teleport and doesn't check if the person has the permission like it's supposed too.
    I also cant use an else or else if statement at the bottom and just throws and error.
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    @ladylady1 check your {} also your else, if and else if have problems. again check your {}. if you don't know why check the oracle documentation again.
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