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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by CyberGhostZ, Aug 8, 2011.

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    I just started making a bukkit server a week ago and have been wondering... How do you let non op players break blocks??? I'm asking because i have to make people become op so that they can create stuff but i think they are misusing their power
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    are you using any permissions plugin?
    do you have the permissionsbukkit.jar in the plugins folder? (if yes: go to the permissionsbukkit folder, then config, then set up permissions. theres an example there on how to set it up, but you will have to find the correct nodes for building on your own.)
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    I'm not using permissions so is there anyway else to so . And i just realized my server doesnt have animals is there a way to fix this??
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    if you have no permissions plugin at all, there should be a permissions.yml file in the root bukkit folder. is that file empty?
    also, a plugin can cause this problem. can you list your plugins in a [ spoiler ] pluginshere [ /spoiler ] ? (without the spaces)
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    The permissions.yml is empty
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    Is it close to spawn? Otherwise it's just the spawn protection ;)
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    no animals means you have spawn-mobs: in set to false.
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