Can anyone teach me how to code?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by MayoDwarf, Jun 18, 2013.

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    Title says all. I am watching videos from thenewboston but I still do not get Bukkit coding for plugins and mods. I am up to Video 14 of thenewboston btw. Thank you - MayoDwarf
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    From a Plugin Development posting guide I created a while ago:

    Learn Some Java
    Pro tip: If your thread has a title along the lines of "Need Someone to Teach Me Java", don't post it. While this isn't as much of a common occurrence as the last item, it still happens far too much. If you would like to learn Java, learn it yourself. I guarantee you that 95% of the devs on this site, probably more, either learned Java themselves or took a class. There are a bounty of resources you can use to teach yourself the language, some provided by Bukkit itself. If you need help learning Java in general, click here. If you've learned Java, but want to learn how to create plugins, click here. If you need slightly more advanced plugin help, click here. Just don't ask on the Plugin Development forum to be taught, as most everyone here is not willing.

    EDIT: I'd like to give a bit of advice as well: you'll usually be able to pick up on the language and syntax faster if you try to create projects while you're learning.
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    Mind if you could help teaching me? If not I will use the plugin tutorial by BukkitWiki. I know Java but nothing about programming it towards plugins and Mods. - MayoDwarf
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    You do not know Java. If you are at episode 14 you got a long way to go.
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    TheNewBoston (Bucky) is probably the best teacher you can ever find. I recommend you watch his beginner and intermediate tutorials first. Afterwards, just start working on a plugin. Once you will need help with something, google it. Not found? Ask here! If you are dedicated, you will find ways, and that's a fact.
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    I started with thenewboston, a bunch of books which I stopped reading after half because I got bored. But you learn most by just writing stuff, googling when something doesn't work. This kind of learning worked best for me and assured that I always had some sense of achievement. Of course you have to put a lot of time into it and do it yourself of course. You can't expect others to learn for you :D.
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    First think of something SIMPLE you want to make in Java, it will help learning it.
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    Yeah, no. No one is gonna teach you java (except VSWE, author of Steve's Carts who will not teach you one-on-one) and this forum is for plugin development help not plugin development teachings!
  10. I don't think we even have a suitable place for this thread anyway.....
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    Find a good book :)
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    Shiny Quagsire

    I used the Java for Dummies books. They have some great examples and they're really good at explaining things, far better than some other books I've tried, (particularly some C++ coding books...).

    The best way to learn how to code though is to experiment. Just start off with the Hello World project, and just tweak it. Then learn something new and keep experimenting. Eventually you'll learn enough to go out and make a few basic Bukkit plugins, and keep learning by building those plugins.
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    If I'm not mistaken, vid 14 is somewhere around for loops right? Those are very useful. When I started learning Java, I just kept looking up how to do stuff on google and looking at other peoples plugins code for examples. It really works. I am only on like vid 30 for Java, so I obviously have much to learn, but I know a lot already, thanks to minecraft/bukkit
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    I think the best way to learn is trying to develop something. If you know the basics of Java and OOP, have a look at other's plugins at get ideas of how to do stuff.

    By the way: using "public" variables or "singletons" aren't polite in Java, and I really discourage its usage, mostly because that breaks the modularity Java has by design. So even if you see it in other's plugins, I still recommend you avoiding its usage.
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