Can a large permission file crash server on startup?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by PermissionEx, Mar 7, 2014.

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    My PermisionEx file was just created and when I restarted the server it wouldn't even load fully.
    Any help or Advice?
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    PermissionEx Please post your permissions.yml on or similar service so we can see the spacing and your latest.log (logs folder).
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    here it is sorry for the delay my friend who has the hard copy power is down and still is for now 21 hours +
    but I restored the documents within properties and it worked so here it is please help!

    Any Solution?
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    PermissionEx Okay, so a couple things that might be causing you problems:

    1. You've done your inheritances wrong. With Pex, if C inherits from B and B inherits from A, then you don't need to list A under C's inheritance because it is already included with B. So what this means is, your Z group should only be inheriting from Y; do not list the rest of the alphabet in there. The same goes for all of your other groups' inheritances.

    2. You've got your rank values backwards which may be confusing Pex's promotions. A rank of '1' is the highest/most important rank you can have. Right now you are giving your default groups the best rank value. You need to change it so that Owner is '1' and your default group is '36' or whatever your last number is. The bigger the number is, the less important the group is. I know that might seem backwards, but that's just how Pex set their system up.

    Hope this helps.
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