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How will it be help full

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  1. It can stop more greifers

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  2. You can see what others are doing Just to check up

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    A plugin So u can set multiple camera at ur best places to keep a better eye on them And the camera blends in with the lock around them a plugin like this will be nice And help full for some people i trust with it
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    This would Inland bei possible by using a Client mod I think.
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    Sigh... Please... PLEASE, for the love of humanity read the announcements before posting.

    Like the following one:
    Read first: What can plugins do
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    This would only be possible with a client mod, and even then it would be pretty difficult to program.
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    How do u download it on the server though i can never figure that out
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    Yes it is possible with Citizens and Spectate.With Citizens you can place virtual players anywhere and than with Spectate look. through their eyes.

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