call of duty plugin plz

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by chriscastell, Nov 12, 2012.

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    can some one make me a call of duty plugin like a server iv been on cause i have a 32 GB server hanging around and if u can plz reply and ill make you staff if i ever get some one to make it
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    A bit more detail would be nice...
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    You wouldn't be able to make your own guns. But there are plugins that let you use a stick and fire snowballs which do great damage.
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    yea he would. using SpoutCraft you can create your own items. so you can Create gun and grenade whit that. but your player will need to have spoutcraft to play. But it's possible
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    Server textures!
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    it's another way.
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    DJSanderrr, you would need everyone on the server to have the texture. And plus, the texture would have to go around a stick or something. You still can't change the shape.
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    yeah thats right but it was just the idea, and take a look at:

    There you can see what server texures can do!
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    @theunderwaffemc, you can add a texture pack to your server, and it's in the server not in all the client. So only player in the server will have it, only when they play in it.
    It's in the config
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    You can make grenades and guns without spout
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    You talk a lot but have no idea what you're saying.
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    nvm just try using spout, it will be the most helpful tool you can get for that.
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    Try Call of Duty MC, sorry don't have link just search it up.
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    I'm making a call of duty plugin already. It's event style though, and it even allows (unless disabled in config) custom player events, so they can play matches on their own, without an admin starting it up. Not sure when it'll be done though, it's not done yet, and I am developing something else at the moment.

    edit: it would be public

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