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    Hey there,

    I had a deep search through the various iConomy plugins and under the list of economy plugins on the Bukkit pages, but none of them offered what I want exactly or they didn't do the job too well, so I thought I would post up a quick request here for any takers.

    I would like a plugin where a player can buy the right, so to speak, to lock a door and claim the house as their own. The plugin is meant to let the members buy/sell from the server with as little Admin interaction as possible.
    As any server Admin would agree they don't like to be bugged 24/7 ha ha. You could use existing anti-grief tools to protect the houses too, so that won't be needed in the plugin, but it needs to link into iConomy for easy use.

    Preferred but not needed I guess:
    • Ability to link this to a sign (above or beside the door) where the text "For Sale" will be replaced by the new owner's username when they buy it. If the house is sold back to the server then its registered as "For Sale" again.
    • Perhaps a link into LWC if possible, buying the right to use the command to privately lock the door.
    • Admins can freely ignore locked doors and go inside anyway.
    • When the door is set for sale its locked to everyone (besides Admins as above).
    • A list can be viewed for available house prices. Or clicking the door/sign or something can bring up the price, and you have to type a command in order to actually purchase it. I prefer commands since the whole left click/right click thing gets many members confused.

    Not too much trouble really, just buying the right to lock the door and any of the optionals you wish you to add to it. Something simple to let the admins sell certain areas without much need for interaction, hell if you're feeling ambitious make an NPC Estate Agent. XD

    Many thank you's in advance ~
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    Try looking at Towny. You could set towns with plots that are for sale, either blank or with houses on. You set the price too, the only thing you need to do is add a player to a town... but if you just set all trusted players to Assistant they can do it too. You're using LWC I assume so players can just lock up with that :)

    As for locking before buying, and the sign, they're not as easy, this is just a workaround in case no dev picks it up ;)
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    Hmm... I would have thought that 'purchasing the locks to your doors' would have been easy, the sign linking to it was just optional as I can imagine that is harder, sort of like how Lockette links it's signs to doors or Fullchest links to chests and dispensers.

    What put me off Towny is the complicated route of commands many servers expected you to take for this, that and the other, which can put off a lot of newbies from the whole idea. Maybe I ought to give it a second chance - though I have two worlds, one starting, quest-filled world with jobs and cities and the other for building/adventuring. The first I am being very careful about what commands I let the members use, so nothing gets messed up, so I am taking caution about giving them rights to LWC.

    If any devs to take up to the challenge then I would be grateful, otherwise I'll try and make-do I guess.
    I am not pushing to tick any of the optionals, just a simple buying the right to lock the door set for sale would be nice with a message saying who it belongs to, the rest I guess can just fall in place.
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    Hi -
    This provides complete region sale - no permissions required - and only ops can make/destroy the regions.

    Basically you define a region with a fence, place the sign, and then let a player with enough money come along and rent it. The region provides automatic chest and door protection for the renting player - as well as making the region fire/lava/water grief proof.

    If this isn't suitable - why not further explain what you're looking for?
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    well a simple idea would be to --

    1st buy the property. i.e 100$ for 10x10

    2nd build the home. every block you use will have some price on it. i.e wood - 1$ per piece / stone 5$ per piece

    3rd after building the home it will have a market value. so for example to check the price /hvalue - 100$ becuase you only placed 100 pieces of wood.

    So then when you go to sell the home /hsell it will charge the person buying the home 100$
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    Use the plugin regios
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    Very nice, it includes chest/furnace protection too so I like it. At least no-build in permissions is brilliant, is there any way that we can set it so no-one else can rent it too once its taken?
    Maybe a good option to add would be to either option to set it at rent or buy.

    Another Edit:
    I really should read before I write, its a nasty habit to jump in head first - I see the buying suggestion is already been asked and more than one person can edit the land only if there is more than one sign to it. Brilliant. Thank you!
    I'll give it a go with some of my testers for my server once I get an example set up, just to completely check it out.

    Thanks to all who contributed.
    This thread can be closed now!
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    I've done a workaround for the buying - which is rent auto-renewal; imo better as it means players keep earning money to pay the rent and gives them REAL incentive to play, and maybe even donate ;)

    Update to the latest version (2.2) if you haven't already.

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