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    I looked but could not find any plugins to do something like this. If there is a plugin please post a comment.

    This plugin would allow you to create a sign that users would click to buy a command.
    Commands could could be active for a full minecraft day or be one time use.
    You could buy commands from a sign more then once and the would stack up. For example if you purchase a command 10 times. You can use it 10 times.
    This would have to hook into vault for the economy portion of it.
    The econ program is BOSEcon.

    A sample Sign
    [Buy command]
    1 day

    [Buy command]
    Time till expire

    This plugin will use BOSEconomy for money.
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    with in game money using iconomy or a similar economy mod? or with credit card payments or paypal?
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    In game money such as BOSEconomy
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    So I will contact the maker put can anyone make this if that does not work?
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    This plugin still needs built please help. Do I need to add more info?
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    BUMP still needs a dev!

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