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    Don't you hate when your trading items and virtual money and the player your trading with scams you? If someone created a plugin that when you /sell an item it removes it from your inventory and goes to this text file or a spread sheet. When you /sell and item you can should be able to set a price for example: /sell bread 5 (number of bread) 14 (price of 5 bread) and it gets posted to this shop. People can /browse the shop and /buy that item. ( Limit on how many items you can post? ) Once its bought it is removed from the text file or spread sheet and into the buyer's inventory, that way both players get what they want without being scammed. It works like EBay the only difference is there's no shipping and the seller doesn't keep the items they are selling. But they should be able to get them back if they don't want to sell anymore. If there is all ready a shop plugin like this, what is it? Thanks.
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    Essentials can do this with [trade] signs. When the trade sign is created, the items being sold (or the money if it's a buy item sign) is deposited into the sign. Only what has been deposited is available for trade. The creator of the sign can then right-click the sign to get the money/items out of it (or right-click with the item being sold in hand to deposit more of them)
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    Or you can get ChestShop, which allows users to set up shops with chests and signs.

    Really, almost every single shop plugin out there is going to stop the scamming. Take a look around and find one that fits your needs.
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