Bungeecord vs multiverse???

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by almazio1, Dec 31, 2013.

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    I have a hub server but it laggs abit. I saw a plan from hosthorde for $25 unlimited ram, storage and bandwith, and thought about connecting the worlds through multiverse
    I saw another plan from plugpayplay for 1gb ram for $5 per month, and thought about buying
    4 or 5 servers and connecting them through bungeecord.
    What are your suggestions, what should i choose??? :3

    -sorry if its in the wrong section
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    Well, honest opinion, cause i do have a friend that has a HUGE network, similar to hypixel, but not entirely, BungeeCord is basically a connect between servers. Basically taking a player from one server to another. I've heard that you also have a console for each server. which makes permissions and plugin sorting way easier. Multiverse is a plugin that allows multiple worlds to be stored on one server. Which by the way as I'm typing this, just noticed that 1gb Is not enough of multiverse to be having worlds on one server. So if you have the money and the time, i would recommend hosting the server with BungeeCord.
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