Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by 55razvan55, Mar 4, 2014.

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    Hey, I need some help with a Bungee plugin I'm working on, anyone knows a way to check for the amount of players on a specific server?
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    Bungee isn't allowed here
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    I'd suggest you go to the official forums for bungee. :p
  4. Wow.... Go to Spigot for this stuff. Common sense.
  5. 55razvan55
    As said, unofficial builds are not supported here, seek support where you got your mod from.

    Also, you don't need BungeeCord to do what you're trying to do.
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    It's not an unofficial build, it has nothing to with Bukkit. It just requires offline servers to work.
  7. Garris0n
    Exactly, it has nothing to do with Bukkit. Bungee is hosted on Spigot servers, which are not supported here, nor are offline mode servers. I should have probably chosen my words better.
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    It does not require Spigot servers, you can use any servers you like. Even vanilla or (I believe) modded servers.
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    To answer Garris0n and Assist Bungee is not officially released by Bukkit, hence being unofficial. Unofficial builds are not supported.

    Also, this thread was answered already, no need to reanswer it.
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    Unofficial builds of Bukkit. Minecraft isn't officially released by Bukkit either, if I asked a question about my client crashing due to my plugin would I be banned?
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    Who's banning? Bukkit doesn't ban for bringing up Bungee or client questions. Also, due to how the crashing is plugin related, the Bukkit forums does support plugin related questions.

    Well this is getting offtopic, OP was already answered and I will end my side here.
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    Yes but if I was running the same plugin on spigot the thread will be removed. The point is that it's not an "unofficial build", it just requires online-mode=false to work, which means it is not allowed.
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    We all can agree on one thing, anything not related to Bukkit is not allowed here, so what's this debate about?
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    Seriously, no one has reported this thread yet? Allow me.
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    It was dying. Why did you bump it?
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    Alshain01 why did you bump it? And it wasn't "dying", it was still in the front page, on top if that, the last reply before mine was a hour before.
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    I already reported it; no response.
    Ironic how this is still open after almost 12 hours, and then as soon as someone mentions "dev build" or "offline" those threads get automatically locked.
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  18. Niknea Dpasi314
    I'm sure it had been reported before you did. I did too, and probably did everyone else who saw it. The staff has a lot of work to do already, don't expect action to be taken instantly. Though I do agree, it has been 16 hours already, seems way more than the average response time.
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    Locked. It is best to bring up issues with creating plugins for other systems on the forums where you found that system.
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