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  1. TL;DR I (some no-name DBO Staff) am resigning from my position as BukkitDev Staff, because I no longer approve of Mojang’s actions.

    Hey everyone,

    I started playing Minecraft about 3 years ago (around Beta 1.7) and was so engaged by the game that I devoted almost all of my free time to playing singleplayer. After a while I got a little bit bored of that and discovered multiplayer and found myself a small server to play on. I had a lot of fun and didn’t stop pouring my time into the game, but as the server grew bigger and after a failed attempt to revamp it, the server was shut down (about less than 2 years ago).

    That is when I joined Bukkit. At first I only played around with a CraftBukkit server and some plugins, but as I already had some coding experience I decided to learn Java and try making some Bukkit plugins of my own. After I had become pretty knowledgeable about Java and the Bukkit API, I decided to participate in ten.java 2013 and ended up ranking third. As a result of that (at least I suppose so) lol768 suggested that I should apply for a position as BukkitDev Staff and so I did and was accepted in late January of this year.

    Even though I haven't been BukkitDev Staff for that long of a time, I felt that the period of a little over half of a year during which I was BukkitDev staff has been great. I was able to get to know awesome people, learn a lot and help the Bukkit project.

    Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. For EvilSeph it became clear that it was no longer viable to maintan Bukkit and it should be shut off gracefully - a decision which ultimately resulted in Mojang becoming the new project lead. I can no longer see a future for me as BukkitDev Staff under a Mojang that, amongst other - for me - untenable decisions, wrongfully defames people like EvilSeph and other members of the original Bukkit Team who have invested so much of their time to make the project possible.

    I’d like to say a huge Thank you! to
    EvilSeph, the original Bukkit Team and all contributers, who made this project possible in the first place
    TnT and our kitteh mbaxter for being great admins
    lol768 for encouraging me to apply and being awesome
    drtshock helping me out in the Justice League of Bukkit ( psst it’s best team anyways, sorry chaseoes )
    The rest of the BukkitDev Staff Team for consistently fighting the queue, even though it isn’t a very recognized task
    Everyone in the community, on the forums or IRC, for having been the heart of this project

    Finally, I will most likely not be very active or active at all on the forums from this point on. If you still like to contact, you can do so on IRC (come hang out in #drtshock, it’s an awesome channel) or via email to [email protected].
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