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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by JPG2000, Oct 11, 2013.

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    Before you read on, please not I did not know where to create this thread. Fell free to move it.

    Im a little confussed, and could not find information on obtaining points on BukkitDev. Im pretty sure its per download based, but im not sure. Im also not sure the rewards/store.

    If anyone could awnser my questions, or point me to a place, that would be great.
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    Make plugins for fun, not money :p
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    waicool20 I don't understand that response. I make plugins for fun, but I wanted to know more about BukkitDev and the points system, not the motivation to make plugins.
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    Yeah this is the wrong forum. Anyway I thought it was per approved plugin. I'm not too sure...
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    Maby TnT could awnser my inquery, I saw he knew about this before.
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    The reward points are based on the amount of downloads your plugins receive I believe.
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    The points are rewarded in intervals to developers of a plugin with over 1,000 downloads. The amount of points given is based on how many downloads gained since the last interval.
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    1Rogue What are the intervals?

    TnT Thank you, but theres one thing I dont understand. I dont get what it means by poll of points and determaindd by sales
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    Sorry, that's all the information I have. For obvious reason, Curse doesn't release the exact algorithm that is used to calculate the points.
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    TnT Okay, thanks anyways! And how do I check my points?
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