BukkitDev has been ticking me off

Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by Ultimate_n00b, Oct 15, 2013.

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    Am I the only one who consistently doesn't go on bukkitdev because of this?
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    Apparently, I can't even figure out what your complaint is.
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    You've obviously never done css.

    The gradients barely mix on the first one, yet they're smooth on the second one.
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    Because obviously people who are not afflicted with OCD have never used cascading style sheets? Funny, in all my years of web development, I've never heard that one.
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    From a designers point of view, the above is horrible. Not trying to insult you or anything, I was just trying to make a point.
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    I understand it's not ideal, but if it is "ticking you off" I'm concerned for your mental well being. You need to get a massage or something to relax. :p
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    Haha, it's not that bad. Just gets annoying to see every time I go to bukkitdev.
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    Ultimate_n00b why did you have to mention this. This is going to drive me nuts xD. BukkitDev fix the CSS please :)
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    Made me laugh :)
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    Ultimate_n00b that is because they used a low-res background image.

    If you want it fixed right now install the firefox addon scriptish and use this script. I also added a better shadow for the black top bar so it looks much smoother.


    Edit2: Moved the whole script to pastebin as the inline parser wants to parse it everytime i click submit even after removing the tags
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    lycano The little line under the image is still there.. I think it's the image, not the css.
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    Ultimate_n00b If you did it right there is no "little" line. The whole header looks different then. You should see the difference if you are using zoom to find such things =)

    Also the script will execute at the end when everything is loaded so you need to wait for it till everything is loaded.

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    Interestingly enough, when I'm at 100% zoom there is no lines, but if I zoom in a line appears. Tested both on Chrome and IE.

    But the most amazing thing is that if I'm on chrome, with adblock, not logged in. There is a huge gap under the image.

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    ZachBora I see you used the script? The box model is different for chrome it also depends on zoom level which results in this gap. Some might add zoom:1 so chrome will not try to adapt it but well as this only happens when zooming in ....
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    No I didn't use any script. By default without script at normal zoom I do not see any lines.
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    ZachBora then im wondering why you dont see any pixel when zooming on dev.bukkit.org as the background is just an image.

    For anyone else who wants to try the script:
    1) Install Scriptish addon
    2) Restart firefox
    3) Copy the content from the posted link ( http://pastebin.com/GKw8LvAm ) to a file somename.user.js located on C:\ (for easy access). Note: it has to end with .user.js the name before this suffix can be chosen but dont stress it its just for installation could be 123.user.js
    4) Put the filename into your firefox address bar C:\somename.user.js
    5) Hit enter and confirm installation of this script
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    Why would I zoom on a website? It might just be this monitor's resolution compared to other peoples. I'm currently in 1920x1080. Both IE and Chrome, not zoomed, no issue.

    If I zoom in either, the issue described is present. But still, why would I zoom?
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    ZachBora I believe this thread is about perfectionism ^.^ Anyways im just helping out ask the OP.

    And since i noticed some other semantic errors regarding the html structure i would like to wait if this is ever going to be fixed before spending time in fixing stuff that most likely will never see the light of the day.

    I checked http://rift.curseforge.com/addons/texturepack/ which are most similiar when you look into the source. My guess is that there are limitations and certain divs have to exist in order to display the ads or someone just got a template and modified it as fast as he could.

    I just can't believe that someone who knows html and css would do such things like top: -100px for the nav bar and set a background image to the header IF they could do it better.

    Some questions that a staff from bukkitdev could answer (would be nice):

    1) Is it possible for BukkitDev to use their own code?
    2) Does BukkitDev want this to be fixed?
    3) If so who can fix this?

    I could assist if there is help needed. I have experience in this area.

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    Honestly there are more urgent issues on bukkitdev than CSS
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    What would you do if they decreased the resolution of all the images substantially and changed all the text to bold, italicized comic sans?
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    Garris0n and put all the text in CAPS.
    * {text-transform: uppercase; }
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    My buttons are fixed!
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    Guess what?
    It's a button!
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    Do you even click?

    If you click fast enough before all the styles get chopped up, you won't see it...
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    Its just a button 0.0
    Get over it people!
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    And how long do you see it after you scroll down? not quite long enough for me to notice
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    Boycott BukkitDev; it contains an obscenity in the world of design!
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    Dr_Bunsen obviously long enough to get mental about it. If you know its there and how easy it can be fixed that does not make it easier to ignore it.
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    lycano I taught myself to ignore those things
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    Teach me, great master.
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