BukkitDev approvals, how do they work?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by phaed, Sep 9, 2011.

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    How do approvals of new plugin versions work? I made updates to two of my plugins 17 hours ago, and they are pending for approval. How is it that I can see plugins on the list that have been approved 6 hours ago.

    What is happening on this approval process? I have seen approved files from other plugin devs that shouldn't have even been approved, for example a 3MB zip with the entire source folder, including all dependencies bukkit, permissions etc, but no jar of the plugin itself anywhere to be found. This tells me there is no one on the other end actually approving these uploads based on the fact that it is actual plugins that are being uploaded, so whats the criteria?

    What is going on behind the scenes of the approval process?
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    Mods just need to check your files, be patient :L I don't exactly know what they check for, but they probably check for safety not quality, I'm sure they don't test all the plugins too see if they are good enough, my guess is they just check for viruses and malicious code.
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    Im very glad that there's an approval system now, have had some really nasty Java-trojan-servers on my server.
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