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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by Inscrutable, Nov 9, 2011.

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    Hi All.
    As a Minecraft server owner/admin, I would like to present my perspective of Bukkit Dev.
    The new system of BukkitDev is something I have had to embrace, as many of the plugins
    I use and enjoy have migrated there (partially or completely).
    It was not received well by some here, and a number of users here have been critical
    of it, fairly or unfairly (some to their eternal detriment :'()
    I was delighted when, a number of the things I saw as lacking had been developed recently.
    For example,
    * The BukkitDev Search Page (on GetPlugins) page works reliably at last!
    * The rate of File approval is picking up.
    ... and their policy on Drama is hilarious (I like the song)
    That said, I have experienced a few difficulties that are yet to be practically addressed:
    * Even using the Search page, there are generally no CraftBukkit Rec-Build Numbers with Plugin Titles.
    Is this a shortcoming on the devs side, or a yet-to-be-employed feature?
    * The options for Plugin Page Subscriptions are quite limited.
    There is presently no way (I can see) of listing which pages I have subscribed to.
    Perhaps some kind of user subs/notifications List would be appropriate and useful?
    An alternative to email notifications would be helpful too. (It can be very spammy)
    * Quite a few plugin pages lack Version Numbers and Changelogs.
    (Not to rag on plugin devs, I know you're busy, but it's nice to know WHAT you did...)
    I addition, I must ask, though it may be deemed impertinent:
    What IS dev-bukkit-org file approval for? Are you looking for Plagiarism, Malice, Rats, ...?
    Sorry to be critical here, but I don't know how I could contribute to a fix.
    Some tweaks to (or explanation of) the features of bukkitdev would seem to be required.
    Overall, however, it seems the world has not ended, and BukkitDev actually works. :rolleyes:
    Quite a lot of useful plugin support is still happening on bukkit forums, not bukkit-dev
    (even several major plugins still have active threads here).
    It's great that each plugin gets their own stomping ground on BukkitDev, but they also seem
    like islands, isolated from the grand mileu of bukkit forums (to paraphrase another dev).
    The community here, such as it is, keeps them alive. A community of purpose, working together.
    I assure you, a great many are grateful for that. I hope it prospers.
    And I hope that this helps.
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    Since Versions are now a part of the files metadata, this is not needed anymore...

    HOWEVER, you make a very good point for searching for plugins with files supporting a certain RB, I hope this gets implemented soon. (the data is there already.)
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    I'm working on this.

    @Inscrutable - you might want to fix the errant link in your sig: "... or just" is linked.
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